Mina Ebrahimi Makes It Look Easy with Saint Germain Catering

Mina Ebrahimi has been in the catering business long enough to know 2 things: she knows that the input of her employees and the input of her customers will be the driving for her business. She has stood by these principals, and this has allowed her to thrive as an entrepreneur. She knows that her vision is important, but she realizes that it is impossible to carry out any vision without factoring in her clients and her employees. This is what she has been able to do down through the years, and her various menus have allowed her to gain a wide audience.

Some catering companies have a lot of limits on what is being sold. With the Saint Germain catering company Mina Ebrahimi realized that it would benefit her to have gluten free and vegan meals. She saw the need for Italian, Asian and Mexican meals. All of this would make it possible for her to expand the business and connect with a ton of different customers.

Her time as a caterer has not been something that has been easy. Mina has realized how she has had to deal with weight gain and stress in her personal life. She has talked about how she has been able to overcome so much because she had the right work ethic. Mina has spoken about this in her blog.

Saint Germain is the catering company that has been tapped for a number of different events. Weddings, private functions and corporate events are all part of the services that are provided by Mina Ebrahimi. There are appetizers with various types of holiday cupcakes. There are salad builder bars and other things like Aegean Sea Chicken, Apple Walnut Bread Pudding and Around the World Sliders that have been staples on the Saint Germain Catering Menu.

It is easy to see how someone one Mina Ebrahimi has made such a huge impact in Northern Virginia catering for the last 2 decades. She dared to be creative. Mina was not afraid to step outside of the comfort zone that she may have started in with Saint Germain.

The President of OSI Food Solutions, David McDonald

David McDonald grew up in Iowa farm, where he developed a love for agriculture. Although his family did not have much wealth, they supported McDonald with passion by taking him through proper education to help his dream. As a young man, he wished to make significant positive changes to the agricultural sector. McDonald attended Iowa State University, where he attained bachelor’s degree in animal science in the year 1987. Due to his love for agriculture, he is the co-founder of the OSI Group, formerly known as the Otto and Sons. Currently, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of OSI company.

Before becoming the president of OSI Food Solution, he was the representative in the unique project manager position. Thus, he showed much commitment and determination, where he deserved a higher spot in the company. Through his visionary leadership McDonald worked himself up through various ranks to get to the position he is now. Other areas he ever occupied include the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Also, he is a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. Due to his entrepreneurial skills, David McDonald got awarded with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

David McDonald purposes to raise the production of the OSI Group to a higher level globally. OSI Food Solutions is a firm that provides quality chicken, beef, and pork products to a vast market. In March 2018, the firm completed its expansion of production of quality chicken by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. The improvement came as a response to the increasing demand for quality chicken products in Spain and Portugal. The expansion led to the overall increase in the total production capacity to 45,000 tons per year of quality beef, pork, and chicken products. Additionally, the number of employment opportunities increased by 20 positions on top of the initial 140 workers.

In China, David McDonald increased the Poland Beef-processing Plant by 30 percent causing an overall increase in the production capacity. The President’s purpose of improving the services of OSI Group in North America led to the purchase of the Tyson Food Plant in the year 2016. Also, in the year 2017, the company reached out to Europe by purchasing the Flagship Europe and making it the major food distributor. Moreover, the firm acquired the leading position in the Baho Food that has facilities even in Germany. McDonald managed to put the firm in the list of the top 100 American food company awards of the year.

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How OSI Group Conquered The Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry has been around for quite some time. Foodservice companies have come and gone throughout the years and many of them have become a relic. This particular industry is very taxing as well as very meticulous. There is one foodservice company that has transcended time to some degree. This company just so happens to have over 10 decades worth of experience under its belt. OSI Group is its name and offering a wide variety of foods and services is its game. OSI has revolutionized the foodservice industry for the better. It has an abundance of capabilities, which helps to set itself apart from the competition. Distribution, process, management and development are all practiced to the highest degree.

One of the major factors to the company’s huge success came from its owner/founder. Otto Kolschowski was able to turn his dream into a reality by opening a local butcher shop. This local butcher shop provided wonderful beef products, and it certainly served its Chicago-based community. During this time, there was an influx of immigrants that came into the US. In the Chicago area, over 25 percent of the city’s inhabitants came directly from Germany. These hardworking individuals brought a sense of passion with them and this passion helped to boost the local economy. Agriculture and immense farmlands produced plenty of work as well as produced plenty of high-quality meats. OSI Group took full-advantage of what the landscape offered, and it began to thrive.

As word got out, this small company began to build an impressive resume. OSI Group had made it to the big leagues in a sense, but no one knew that it would get as big as it actually became. In today’s contemporary time, OSI Group is a worldwide leader in foodservices, it develops custom foods, and it has a thoroughly trained staff. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group

Avaaz Changing The World One Click At A Time

Launched in January 2007, Avaaz is a global civic organization dedicated to promoting activism in a variety of sectors including human rights, animal rights, poverty, climate change, and more. Although the organization is based in the United States, Avaaz operates on an international scale.

The name Avaaz is a Persian word derived from “voice”, connotating that the group is designed to give people a voice to speak out in their activism. The group uses myriad of methods to raise awareness and help its cause including petitions, demonstrations, and its support of people and groups representing common ideals. The overwhelming majority of groundwork is done via email and other internet-based applications.

Co-founded by Res Publica and Move.Org, Avaaz.org took off quickly thanks to its backing by two prominent agents of change. The current board of directors consists of President Ricken Patel, Ian Bassin, and Sam Barratt. Other founding members included former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello and Australian progressive business leader David Madden.

The goal of Avaaz is to unite practical idealists from all over the globe in an effort to bring about real change. Some of its core initiatives include taking on the practices of Monsanto and encouraging support on a large scale for refugees. One controversial stance was the organization’s support of establishing no-fly zones over war-torn Libya and Syria.

Not one to shy away from politics, Avaaz was vocal in its opposition of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. The organization does not take donations from corporations or businesses and instead relies on individual contributions, as part of its goal to not be tied to any political ideologies or corporate lobbyist groups.

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An Overview Of Jeunesse

Jeunesse Products

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is a product that is designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and undereye bags. It only takes about two minutes to apply. The results of the product can last for 6 to 9 hours. Instantly Ageless will also lift and tone your skin.


A big part of healthy skin is watching what you put in your body. Naara is a beverage that is designed to keep your skin healthy. It helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps hydrate the skin. You may be able to get results in just four weeks.

Am Essentials

AM Essentials is a supplement that is designed to provide you with essential nutrients. It is taken in the morning. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin and biotin are some of the nutrients in this supplement. It also has iodine, potassium, copper, manganese and chromium. This supplement not only helps keep your skin healthy, but it can also support a healthy immune system.

PM Essentials

PM Essentials is a skincare supplement that is designed to be taken at night. It also has vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin and biotin. This supplement helps the cells repair themselves.


NV is a primer, bronzer and foundation. It is designed to give you a professional, airbrushed look without the airbrush. It has skin-nourishing aloe. You can get anywhere from lightweight to full coverage.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a skincare company that has been around since 2009. It was created by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Their mission is to create a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them look and feel better about themselves. They also help people reach their full potential.


Equities First Holdings: Staying In Austrailia

Equities First Holdings (EFH) continues leading the shareholder financing industry around the globe. Their offices in Sydney, Melborune and Perth allow the firm to serve clients and business associates in need of their accessibility. Mitchell Hopwood, who is the Managing Director for EFH, states that their Australian locations have simply grown and gives them more opportunities to reach client needs and expand as an organization.

Within the three locations, clients can apply and receive stock-based loans for needed capital when looking to expand their businesses or make smart investments. A stock-based type of loan has no restrictions therefore all capital can be applied to any kind of purpose and are non-recourse.

The Melbourne, Australian address is Equities First Holdings Pty Ltd., Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. EFH began in 2002 with a mission to supply clients with the opportunity to borrow against their stocks in the form of a loan. This has helped many businesses meet demanding needs for capital to grow their organizations or assist them personally. The loans are for those stocks that are traded on public exchanges globally. EFH has finished over 700 transactions totaling more than $1.4 billion in high end loans with low fixed in rates.

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OSI Food Solutions Rapidly Expands To Improve Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions has been soundly expanding their operations in an effort to try and improve their production. They have purchased several different food plants to expand their capabilities. One of their major purchases included the Tyson food plant located within a main district of Chicago, supposedly valued over seven million dollars.

The purpose of the purchases is to expand their capabilities so that they can continue to sustain their internal business growth, these factories will certainly assist the rapid production of various different meat products.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was honored with a highly respected reward from the British Safety Council, receiving a Globe of Honor from them for their flawless management of risks within the environment. This was one of the more notable receptions in terms of the Globe of Honor in 2016, as OSI Food became one of the eighteen that were dispatched in the year.

The OSI Food company has several thousands of employees that work across the globe. Their duty is monitor the delicate production of food products before they reach the shelves at supermarkets. They have an incredible reputation for their work, and their employees have great work ethic and work extremely well at what their supposed to do in their industry.

OSI Food Solutions has recently established a factory branch in Spain, specifically designed to rapidly produce various types of processed chicken. The company estimated that the factory could potentially produce upwards of twenty thousand tons of chicken products per year, if the factory reached its optimal performance conditions.

The director of the OSI Food Solutions Spain factory talked about the decision to create the rapid production factory, and claimed that one of the reasons was to respond to public outcry for processed chicken meals in Spain.

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Talos Energy And Its Major Merger With Stone Energy

Talos Energy is a Houston offshore gas and oil producer. It is currently a public company following the closure of its almost $2 billion Thursday merger with Louisiana’s Stone Energy. The Talos Energy Company is headed by Tim Duncan, who is the Talos’ Chief Executive. It was initially formed six years ago in order to focus on the Gulf of Mexico. This was to be facilitated with the financial assistance from significant equity firms like Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management.

The idea behind Talos being financed by major private equity firms was to publicize it through an IPO in the year 2014 or 2015, but following a consequent oil kaput dashed those strategies until currently. This means that the privately backed Talos Energy went public as a result of attaining concern in Stone, which was previously publicly transacted, comparatively than filing for a preliminary public subscription.

The merger between Louisiana’s Stone Energy and Talos Energy was to create a more prominent offshore dynamism performer which would focus on the Mexican parts of Mexico’s Gulf and the United States. Consequently, the new publicized Houston-situated Talos energy instigated trading under the “TALO” ticker on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Tim Duncan thereby terms this merger as a transformational amalgamation. It is widely known that Talos’ financiers possess 63% of the merged company while the Stone shareholders got 37%.

Therefore, Talos Energy is in a good position to exploit its great value asset assortment as well as revenues motivated capital programs in offshore Mexico and the U.S Gulf of Mexico as stated by Talos Energy President and Chief Executive, Timothy Duncan. Talos Energy did well the previous summer after productively winning several offshore tenders with other associates in Mexico’s energy restructuring development of Mexico’s Zama innovation offshore.

Mexico’s energy restructuring progression opened up offshore inhibitors to extraneous investors with Zama as the paramount innovation in the state’s deregulation process. Further, Stone Energy had been operating out of Lafayette for more than 20 years. Nonetheless, Stone Energy filed for insolvency protection in the year 2016, amidst the downfall in oil charges earlier emerging the previous year.

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Sightsavers Links With the Ugandan Government to Make A Difference in their Communities

Ugandan people over the age of 65 are able to be tested for eye disease and sight loss through a program launched and backed by Sightsavers and the Ugandan government. The test is provided for free and is available for seniors when they go to pick up their pension. They are tested and if needed they are referred for surgery or treatment for conditions like cataracts and trachoma. A collaboration between Sightsavers and the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection, or ESP, program, is what makes this new initiative possible. The Ugandan government has been running the ESP program for almost ten years, and with this program their aim is to reduce age related poverty by providing a social pension, called the senior citizen’s grant, that is reserved for people 65 years and older. The organizers of the program recognize that different forms of disability inhibit the access of senior citizens to the grant, which makes providing services to combat these disabilities even more crucial and necessary. People over age 65 are at a higher risk for eye problems, like trachoma or cataracts, so their demographic is the main focus of the project.


Sightsavers also linked with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee’s Trust Trachoma Initiative to provide the necessary services on the ground in Uganda. Through the collaboration of the above mentioned programs and initiatives, thousands of people have been able to receive the proper care and surgery, which creates more opportunity for them to be more active members of their communities. Much of the poverty in Uganda is linked to disability and the 65 and older age group tend to be the most likely to suffer from avoidable disabilities. Initiatives like this one are so important and make a huge difference because providing health services makes it possible for people who previously couldn’t, to work and make a living for themselves and their families. Programs like Expanding Social Protection or ESP and organizations like Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee’s Trust Trachoma Initiative and Sightsavers, makes such a difference in the lives of those who truly need the assistance and whose lives and well being depend on it.

Kamil Idris on Trump’s Move To Impose Trade Sanctions On China

Professor Kamil Idris recently unraveled President Trump’s decision to slam harsh customs duties on Chinese goods. This decision is exact retribution on China for alleged gross violations of Intellectual Property (IP). IP has to do with creative ideas generated by the human mind such as trade secrets, business names, brands and services. Trump’s decision could commence a trade war between China and The United States according to some state relations and business experts.

China is accused of encouraging cyber-attacks on American businesses to steal trade secrets and manufacturing imitations of products owned by Americans. China also puts pressure on foreign firms to pass their technology to Chinese firms in order to access their local market. These practices give the country an unfair advantage in international trade while resulting in massive loses in the American economy.

Kamil Idris defends the actions taken by the Trump administration and points out that the American constitution allows the President to enforce economic sanctions against nations that do not pledge to safeguard IP. China purportedly has a habit of getting into agreements with the United States to take adequate measures in protecting IP rights, but it neglects these agreements. Trump’s government has decided to opt out of hoping for a diplomatic solution and instead chose to focus on using taxes to pressure China to honor their trade and IP agreement.

Professor Kamil Idris has devoted most of his career to promoting and safeguarding IP. He urges everyone to recognize the need for celebrating human creativity, innovations and honoring the owners of these ideas on April 26 which is the World Intellectual Property Day. Kamil notes that in the absence of IP rights, latest technologies created to solve global challenges would be a remain undeveloped.

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese author and commentator of IP matters. He is also an expert in International law having attained a PhD from Geneva University. He attended the University of Khartoum for his undergraduate law studies and has several honorary doctorate law degrees. The professor is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration which offers a peaceful resolution of international conflict.