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Rona Borre Never Quit or Gave Up

Rona Borre was determined not to fail or sidestep what she considered to be her mission. That was to form her own successful business and make it grow. In 2001 she started in a spare bedroom in her Chicago condo, and today, 15 years later, she is very successful, indeed. Her company, Instant Alliance, is one of the most successful recruiting and staffing companies in the country.

Instant Alliance bills millions of dollars annually to clients who are happy to pay her fees because she gets results, check   Borre discovered a major flaw that most staffing agencies don’t recognize. They parade hundreds of candidates past the HR department and hope that they will work out.

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Borre concluded long ago that the process just didn’t work because the wrong kinds of people frequently get hired and the good candidates don’t. Borre works very hard to form a relationship with top level management and finds out exactly what is needed in that position. Then she goes out, and her account executives go out and find that particular individual. Since over the past 15 years Borre’s retention rate of employees hired is at the 99% level, her system seems to work. Other statistics from competitors are nowhere near that level. Working smarter pays off.

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