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The Siege Warfare Machine Trabuco Continues To Be One Of History’s Most Popular

The Trabuco has been one of history’s best known and most effective siege warfare machine since it was invented in China in 400 BC. The Trabuco came into its own in terms of effectiveness when it was brought to Europe in the Middle Ages, around 600 AD and became one of the most effective siege options as a form of long-range catapult; over the course of the life of the Trabuco it has undergone a series of changes and improvements, including the adaptation of the sling containing a projectile from a cloth type material into a wooden bucket style holder.

The use of the Trabuco became popular with armies during the siege of a town when the use of a machine capable of throwing rocks, weapons and diseased carcasses into n isolated castle or town was identified with this machine. The Trabuco could throw a rock or other material around 800 metres with the length of the lever used with this machine adapted to ensure the velocity of the item being thrown was hurled as fast and ferociously as possible; in general, between 15 and 45 men from any town or armed force looking to attack or defend a city were given the task of operating the Trabuco during any siege according to

Many historical records on can be found referring to the use of the Trabuco during a range of siege situations that detail the use of ropes to operate this machine that also became known as the Blunderbuss. Seige warfare became an integral part of regular wars taking place in Europe during the Middle Ages, a period seeing a great deal of innovation in terms of the Trabuco including the development of different sizes of the machine capable of throwing stones of up to one ton. One of the ironies of the use of the Trabuco is the fact another Chinese innovation, gunpowder, saw the need for the machine no longer required as it lost its usefulness around the 13th-century.

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