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Housing market finds labor shortage

The economy is growing and people are wanting to buy houses, but the construction industry is finding it hard to attract employees to get orders filled, according to a story on Reddit.

In an interview on Christian Broda, he said “new building permits are slowing, but construction company owners say there is good demand. Their problem is finding enough skilled labor to build those houses”.

The shortage is in the “9-trade” area, which involves the nine essential trades needed in building homes. The shortage is higher than it was when the housing market peaked in 2004. In that year there were 2 million new housing starts nationwide. This year there is about half that but the same labor shortage.

Unemployment among skilled construction workers is at its lowest since 2001.

Real estate experts say the culprit is an expanding economy and a wider variety of opportunities, which makes the construction business less appealing. The market was slow for a very long time, and many skilled workers found good jobs in other industries, and have no desire to come back. This must be the case as demand for new housing rises and companies spend more to get work done, but still cannot find workers.

Another aspect is that with new labor laws, construction companies have lost workers from Mexico and South America, the owner of a construction company in South Carolina said. He added high schools have programs but are turning out fewer graduates.

Join 2 Chainz As He Checks Out These Super Expensive Speakers

On the last episode of 2 Chain’s GQ series, “Most Expensivest Sh-t”, 2 Chainz checks out the Der Vorverstarker MBL stereo system which comes at a ravishing cost of $260,000, more than what most cars cost.

The Der Vorcerstarker is a German company based out of Berlin, and they are in the business of top end equipment in sound installment and luxury. 2 Chains refers to the stereo system as Versace glasses, which resembles how fancy they look like.

“260 bands” That’s how much 2 chainz valued the speakers to be at in his own hiphop lingo.

The company provides services to homes mainly with surround sound home theater’s that are state of the art, but in some cases, they install they’re systems in planes and yachts as well.

2 Chainz was very impressed with the black and gold speakers, which are his favorite colors by the way, and put in an order of his own which means he is now the proud owner of a $260,000 home theater sound system.


2 Chainz may be down for these speakers, but I’m not so sure movie executive Tom Rothman in Hollywood will be lining up to get these installed.

EDM Cotton Candy Looks Like The Greatest Thing Ever


Now, mash that up with cotton candy, and you have something that everybody needs to experience. Definitely would have made Stanford more interesting with Jared Haftel. Probably would have cut into the studying though. Not to mention the dentist bills.