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The Fact About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the company that is known across the globe. It deals with the communication of the inmates to their relatives through the aid of the technology. The primary services that the company provides are the inmates’ communication and the parole tracking. The move has provided services to the government in the sense that it boosts the level of the sensitive solution that is associated with the information system. The company has stretched its limits, and it is currently providing the services to as many as 2600 correctional facilities. The functions of the Securus Technologies is presently stabled in 45 states. The other body that has become the beneficiary of the services that are provided by the firm are the law enforcement authorities. The primary feature that has defined the efforts of the Securus Technologies is the excellent coordination of their services.

The technical facilities that the Securus Technologies has acquired in running their operations are all patent, and they are worth $600. The main aim of the company is to ensure that the use of the contraband cell phones which they termed as inefficient is wholly abolished. The inception of the Wireless Containment Solution has led to the perfect management of the contraband cell phones. There is team of experts specialized in the various field of technologies that ensure that the new ideas within the company are efficiently implemented. Additionally, the firm has made an effort of providing the services that are based on information management and investigation. The inmates that are held in the jail can communicate with their families using the platform of the communication that has been set up by the company. The company thoroughly manages the information that related to the public. This aim at making all the state safe place for human residence.

Securus Technologies also makes the law enforcement bodies aware of the crucial information on matters that are related to the rehabilitation services. The pieces of information sourced from these systems are beneficial in the sense that they are used in monitoring the related correctional facilities in the country. Aside from that, it is also helpful in executing the justice of the prisoners. The issues linked to the street drugs peddling are put in control by the company. This is achieved through the calls monitored in the various rehabilitation center with the purpose of kicking out the abuses of the drugs.

The Securus Technologies has put the required measures to ensure that the services that are allied to the prison are of the required condition. This is good for the safety of the public. There is a software called LBS that is used by the company in tracking the stolen properties and firearms.

The Securus Technologies as a company has all that it takes in the transformation of the correctional facilities.


Innovation for a Safer Society from Securus Technologies

Public safety and security are becoming more and more important these days. With a growing amount of cyber threats and advancement of technology, people are more interested in companies that work for the good guys. Solving crime and crime prevention is another aspect where technology can be beneficial. Companies operating in this sector research and develop solutions that help improve public safety. Introducing modern technology in correctional facilities one of the ways to do that.



Securus Technologies is one such company. They have more than 25 years of experience working with prisons, connecting inmates to family and friends. This helps with crime prevention since it also offers inmates access to education and legal assistance when necessary.



The company started work in 1986 and worked with several other companies on the first technology solutions for security and crime prevention. They created Securus Video Visitation system which allows family members and friends as well as lawyers to create video conversations and conference calls. It allows people to connect and keep in touch, improving the chances of inmates not returning to prison after their release date. It also helps with decreasing violent activities happening within the jail walls.



The response so far is positive, and the customers showed their appreciation with positive feedback. The technology helped to secure search warrants in several separate cases because of the monitored call system. It also allowed the staff to find out about inmates using drugs and alcohol as well as selling these substances. The software is also useful when searching for stolen or missing property or gang violence, as people are not always aware of how much can be picked up from a conversation in the background.



Securus Technologies dedicate time, effort and money to make sure that prisons become safer spaces for the staff and inmates alike since it is not the most fruitful of environments and a lack of socialising does not help.



How Securus is Making Correctional Facilities Safer

Securus Technologies is a contractor based in Dallas, Texas that develops products for detainee communication and information management. Securus has been recognized in the past for the services that it has provided to various organizations. 2016 was a good year for them as it saw them receiving an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. They published a few of the comments that they had received from users of their products and their services who expressed their satisfaction with Securus’ services in October. These observations were extracted from emails and letters that they received from prison and jail officials.


Richard Smith is the Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies. He says that the company fostered innovation and released new products and services each week. These products are aimed at aiding law enforcement and officials to solve and prevent crimes from taking place. He added that the company was dedicated to ensuring safety and they make certain that their products do this.


One of the comments outlined how they were able to use Securus’ products to extract information from phone calls. The information went a long way in helping them acquire a search warrant which led to the arrest of a corrupt staff member who was smuggling contraband into the facility. Another comment from a prison official explained how they got information from monitored calls on some illegal activities that were taking place in the facility. They obtained information on the presence of drugs and alcohol in the facility and the presence of mobile phones.


The LBS software was mentioned in several comments and how it helped in the conduction of many investigations. One official said that LBS software had worked so well for them that they decided they would be a long term client of Securus. One comment mentioned how a member of law enforcement was able to use the covert alert feature during an investigation that led to the arrest of the suspect.


Securus Investigator Pro 4.0 With Voice Search Allows Law Enforcement To Focus

Imagine being tasked with the investigation of all the phone calls made by a singular inmate into an out of all the prison facilities he has ever been. Every single phone call that an inmate makes in the United States is recorded. You’d have to go to every single one of the prisons to request these recordings. And how would you go about requesting them?


The prison likely logs these phone calls by the name of the inmate. You would get hours upon hours of recordings and need to comb through every single one of them. You’d have an easy time identifying some of the voices, like that of the prisoner’s mother. But other voices would not be as easy to identify. Oh, and you need to get this investigation done during a certain period of time so that the prosecutor can move forward with her case.


You’d likely make mistakes in this long and arduous process. You may even misidentify some of the subjects of the phone calls. But this job that would have taken weeks upon weeks to complete can now be done in just a matter of minutes. This is all due to a recent software release by Securus Technologies.


The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search can scan an entire prisons telephone call library for a single voice. You wouldn’t need to go through poorly kept logs and you can even narrowed down the calls further. You can cross-reference one voice with another to hear every single phone call between two identified voices.


This would cut down on many mistakes. You could focus more of your energy on a smaller number of phone calls while analyzing the content further. This technological innovation should put more people behind bars that deserve to be there.


New Technology Connects Inmates With Loved Ones

Securus Technologies recently unveiled on PR Newswire its new mobile application for inmate video phone calls. This app is available for Android phone tablet, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Securus Technologies provides Technology Solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice, and Public Safety. The company released its Android app about 6 months ago. Securus downloaded over 60,000 times period the Apple device launch occurred last week, that’s according to That app has been downloaded over 5,000 times. Vice president of Securus Technologies Russell Roberts says that this is a way to connect family and friends when they have incarcerated loved ones. This will allow for those that have trouble making a visit in person to see the people they care about that are in prison.This technology eliminates the need for a tethered computer and relies on a simple Wi-Fi signal. This will make visitations logistical more convenient especially when travel will be difficult. This will be highly beneficial during the holidays.

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Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. Bay service more than 3,400 facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in the United States. Securus Technologies also works in communications, emergency response, inmate cell service, and also provide monitoring products. Securus Technologies is an inmate technology services company based out of Dallas Texas. The company currently has offices in Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 1986 and continues to grow and provide more services for law enforcement and inmates.

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