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ClassDojo Making A Difference In The Way Communication is Handled Within Schools

The way that education in the K-12 level is handled on a daily basis is much different than it was a few decades ago. In actuality, the way education is handled today is different than it was even a decade ago. One of the primary reasons why the way education is handled differently in the K-12 level is the use of technology in the classroom. The use of technology has made education an individual learning experience in addition to a group learning experience.


Technology innovations in the past few decades have allowed schools to use technology directly in classrooms. The use of the Internet is a huge reason why education is handled differently in the classroom. Another major reason why technology use has changed the way classrooms are managed is apps. The use of apps on devices such as smartphones has made technology a more personal experience. Technology users can use their own device or a provided device that they can use on a regular basis. The devices can be used without much effort because of the size and ease of use concerning the devices. The devices are typically small and can be used anywhere at anytime because of technology innovations such as WiFi.


Access to almost any educational resource is only a few clicks away with the use of the Internet or an app on a device such as a smartphone or tablet. There are numerous technology companies that are making a major impact on education at the K-12 level. One of these companies ClassDojo.


A startup company that has developed an app that is used in thousands of classrooms across the country. ClassDojo has established its app as an app that teachers, students, and parents like and they use on a daily basis for a wide variety of reasons regarding the classroom.


ClassDojo is considering the use of its app on a payment basis to provide video and extensive content for teachers to use in the classroom. This would be a way for ClassDojo to generate revenue from the app that is highly popular in the K-12 education level.


ClassDojo has raised 21 million dollars recently to utilize in the efforts to enhance the app regarding additional features, functions, and platform operations. There is a lot that users can do with the app now and ClassDojo wants to make the app even more useful.


As a startup company ClassDojo has done very well with its app in the educational arena. Teachers and administrators at schools like the app. Also, parents and students like the app. The use of the app in the future may include paid areas on the app that provide additional content and resources for teachers to use in the classroom.