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FreedomPop Is A Unique Company

As noted by Fortune, FreedomPop is a company that is trying to do something different. They are offering people a free mobile plan.

It was recently reported on Fortune that the company had been considering selling out for a while, but then they were able to raise enough money to keep going on their own. And, not just some money, but $30 million dollars. There are obviously some people who really believe in this company and all that it is doing. There are some people who believe that it is going to continue to grow over the next year.

Already, FreedomPop is expanding across the globe. They are doing great things for themselves. They are using the money that they have earned wisely. And, maybe they will decide to keep going on their own. Maybe they won’t ever sell out.

This company is truly unique, and it will be interesting to keep watching them and to see how much they grow. They have earned $30 million recently, so they are obviously well liked already. When they expand into new places, will they be just as liked and loved there? I guess we will just have to wait and see what becomes of this unique company.