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U.S. Navy Memorial Being Built Thanks To U.S. Money Reserve

The 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor is this year, so to commemorate the lives lost and the men and women who serve in sea services, a statue will be built in Hawaii. The Lone Soldier Statue was originally designed by Stanley Bleifeld. The original statue is standing in the center of Washington, D.C. The site of the original statue is Market Square, which was the site chosen jointly by the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation in the spring of 1977. The group chose Conklin Rossant as the architects for the original statue of the Lone Sailor.

The 75th memorial statue will be placed in Hawaii. It is a joint venture of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation and the U.S. Money Reserve. The project is being privately funded, as the original was privately funded as well. The U.S. Money Reserve is donating a large portion of the funds that are being allocated for this statue. The funding that the U.S. Money Reserve is donating comes out of the money made from selling their one of a kind gold and silver coins that commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor’s attacks.

In a Kusi article, the President of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation speaks about the statue being constructed in Hawaii. The president is a retired Vice Admiral of the Navy, so he has a strong tie to the loyalty that this statue stands to represent. He is quoted in saying that the statue will represent “the remembrance of the greatest generation who went on to win this war.”

The original model for this statue was Rear Admiral William Thompson, who secured funding for its construction and placement. His name appears on the side bag of the 7 foot tall bronze statue. The funding for this round is part of the U.S. Money Reserve’s charitable donation to commemorate a generation of heroes. The U.S. Money Reserve has been serving America with the highest authenticity of gold, silver and other precious metal for over a decade. The Yahoo News article has more information about this honorable project.