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The Relevance of Understanding Environmental Laws

To have a clean and habitable environment, everyone needs to take the responsibility of ensuring all activities that can lead to the destruction of the environment are minimized. Although most people may not find this useful, laws have been developed to govern the environment and to offer protection against harmful human activities. Environmental laws are meant to offer a solution to the preservation of all components of the environment. With more companies getting established each day, pollution has increased, something that has attracted the attention of many nations to come up with regulations that will help to control the type of processes that are used in the manufacturing industries.

The first process in controlling and securing the environment is estimating the extent of damage that is bound to occur if certain activities proceed without regulation. This helps the government to set up mechanisms to regulate the use of certain processes if it is established they are the main cause for pollution in certain regions. Therefore, industries may not be in a position to implement certain plans if some laws stipulate they should not use some materials. Some of these environmental laws are universal, so the state may not interfere with what the law requires of them.

Disposal of waste materials has been an issue for many years. This has been aggravated by the fact the vice is propagated by well established companies that can afford a purification process before waste is released to the environment. This has seen some major firms lose their legitimacy to proceed with operations. Some have been forced to close operations after legal action is taken for violating environmental laws. It is right to ensure disposal is done with respect to what the law states, and that all matter that is disposed should be treated accordingly to ensure the materials do not leave drastic effects to the environment.

Frans Schoeman on slideshare, director at the Phatsima Diamond, a South African based law firm has been offering guidance and advice on matters that revolve around environmental law. Frans Schoeman is an accomplished attorney, who has managed to handle corporate law and laws that relate with the protection of the environment. His skills and experience has allowed many firms to understand the reasons following the guidelines outlined in the environmental law are necessary. The preservation of the environment calls for all stakeholders to remain vigilant to any parties that seem to breach the requirements of the law because the effects are far reaching.

The purity of water has been especially addressed in most environmental laws in a manner that seeks to offer a solution to the ever increasing rate of pollution among water bodies. Companies that are found to channel harmful wastes to water sources have been cautioned to come up with alternative strategies as this has caused many sea animal species to extinct. The enforcement of these laws has cost many defaulters millions and some have landed in jail for violating simple rules that are mandatory for any human being to follow.