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Avaaz: Your Global Voice

Without a doubt, the world is a single population. What happens in one small part of the world can affect all of us. Avaaz is an organization, created in 2007, to strengthen the bond that links us to each other.

Avaaz means “voice” in several different Asian, European, and Middle Eastern languages. To date, Avaaz has given voice to 194 countries through its members. These voices address local, regional, national, and global concerns. Climate change, poverty, corruption, animal rights, and political concerns are sounded through Avaaz internationally. This organization allows individuals an international conversation by using petitions, fundraising, funding media campaigns, emailing, organizing protests or events, and by calling and lobbying governments.

The internet has opened all parts of the populated world and allowed a global conversation. Avaaz has taken this opportunity to create an online presence and used this conversation to create a transparency to issues that may not have been able to be heard in the past.

A Canadian-British named Ricken Patel, with a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, founded Avaaz. He worked for the International Crisis Group and volunteered for These experiences gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to create Avaaz.

Since 2009, all donations have come from individuals and at an amount no larger than $5.000. To date, Avaaz has raised over $20 million dollars. It is a U.S. based civic organization with a global membership. Before 2009, it was foundation funded.
The membership is over 44 million globally. Anyone can approach Avaaz with their concerns and reach out through this organization for global support and feedback. Transparency is key to finding a way of uniting. Avaaz is ready to help in resolving issues that concern us all.

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The Professional Success And Business Career Of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is an entrepreneur who is highly experienced with short term asset management, cash related solutions for brokers, retail plans, qualified plans, and banks. His drive and vision have been responsible for some of the most relevant and influential products in technological and FDIC insured programs. He has in excess of sixty privately held patents and his inventions have been an integral part of the transformation of FDIC insured cash management into an industry worth over $1 trillion.

Bruce Bent II has proven himself as a CEO and manager capable of managing the growth of the Reserve for seventeen years. The Reserve is an FDIC cash management business and a money market fund. He was responsible for selling and liquidating numerous subsidiaries of the firm during the financial crisis. He is additionally the President of the Double Rock Corporation and a senior executive to their six subsidiary companies.

Prior to 2008 when the financial crisis was at its peak Bruce Bent II served The Reserve as their President. They are based out of New York and have 300 individuals employed throughout the nation. He expanded and diversified their distribution and grew their cash products from $4 billion to more than $130 billion in 17 years.

Bruce Bent II has been quoted in many different publications including the New York Times, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has been featured in books and used as a quote regarding patent subject matter. He is still involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures such as asset management, financial technologies, consumer goods, intellectual property, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals, business consulting and many others.

Bruce Bent II belongs to the Young Presidents’ Organization which serves as a peer network establishing connections among approximately 10,000 of the world’s leaders in global business. He was the director of finance for their Manhattan Gotham chapter and sits on the board for the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. He belonged to the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and was on Scenic Hudson’s Advisory Council to restore and protect the Hudson River. He attended Northeastern University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Philosophy.

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Why Clearabee Is the Best Rubbish Removal Company in London

Clearabee is one of the most highly sought-after rubbish removal companies in London. With this company, you can have all your rubbish cleared the same day. They provide both one-time services and ongoing services. The fact that the company serves the whole of London means that they benefit from economies of scale and pass these savings on to their customers. Their services are, therefore, very affordable. Clearabee has very friendly staff so you will always be treated with respect.


You can also get skip bags for hire from Clearabee. Apart from being used as garbage collection bags, these bags can also be used for other things around the house such as gardening projects. They come in different sizes, so you can choose exactly what you want depending on your needs. The best thing about skip bag hire is that the rubbish removal prices are fixed for the different sizes of skip bags, and they can be used for any type of waste. However, with skip bag hire, your garbage will be collected the following day.


Clients of Clearabee are very impressed with the rubbish removal services provided as is evident from the excellent customer reviews of the company. The booking process for Clearabee is easy as everything can be done online on their user-friendly website. You can reach them any day from Monday to Saturday to schedule rubbish removal, hire skip bags, or for general enquiries. The prices charged are inclusive of labor, and you will always get value for your money. Hire Clearabee for the best rubbish removal services.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces New Technology

The healthcare organization known as Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with other healthcare companies NantHealth and Allscripts in order to come up with a new technological solution for the healthcare industry. The organization has recently announced that it has developed a new technology in order to more efficiently store and track various healthcare records. Since many health records are stored electronically, it will be increasingly more important to have them processed more efficiently. The new technological solution offered by the three companies will be able to provide many benefits which include information about the cancer treatment process. It will also help provide physicians with the ability to save time without being disrupted during their day. This new technological solution was developed by a number of American based oncologists.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the leading healthcare companies that specialize in the treatment of various forms of cancer. The healthcare organization is based in Boca Raton, Florida and has locations throughout the United States. It currently has treatment centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The hospitals help treat a number of adult patients who are currently battling cancer. With the resources available, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has been able to help a number of patients overcome the complications caused by cancer. Its integrative approach has allowed the organization to provide the best quality care for patients on a regular basis.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” In order to help treat its many patients, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a number of options. It often uses methods such as surgery, radiation treatment, immunotherapy, chemotherapy and also genomic testing. All of these methods offer a number of unique benefits to various patients. By using them simultaneously, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has proven to be very successful at helping eliminate cancer and allow people to live a healthy lifestyle again.

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CEO Troy McQuagge Wins Global Business Leader Award

One Planet Awards honors business leaders every year with its awards that go to those who show professional excellence. Nominations for the rewards come in from across the world and include those in for-profit and nonprofit organizations as well as public institutions. The Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, has been named the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year.

When McQuagge came to USHEALTH Group in 2010 the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, was in need of a complete retooling. He was able to swiftly turn the agency around and his success led to him being named the CEO and President of the company. Since this promotion in 2014 he has led USHEALTH Group to record profitability and growth.

Troy McQuagge, in remarks about winning CEO of the Year, said that the award belongs to everyone at his company. He went on to say that they will continue to address affordability problems that are being faced in the healthcare industry through their cutting edge product offerings.

In 1982 McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies. He started his career in the insurance industry as an agent for Allstate Insurance Company. In 1996 he joined HealthMarket as the President of the Agency Marketing Group. During his time with HealthMarket he managed all of the company’s marketing and sales efforts for their self-employed group. During his time with HealthMarket he led his team to several awards including being named by Selling Power Magazine as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

In addition to his career McQuagge has engaged in philanthropy. Among the many charities he has supported is being a community volunteer for Trinity Habitat for Humanity. This nonprofit builds homes in Mexico that disadvantaged people can buy with no interest being paid. Another charity he supports is Crisis Nursery Phoenix to which he has given his time and money. This charity provides shelter to children who have experienced abuse and neglect by their parents or guardians.

Clay Siegall Uses His Passion For Science To Help Cancer Patients

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He is a trained scientist who emphasizes on cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall created Seattle Genetics in 1998, in Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics was created with Dr. Siegall’s passion for helping patients through rigorous research and drug development practices.

1.Siegall has led the company to its current position as a leader in developing antibody-drug conjugates, or ADCs. In 2011, the FDA approved its first ADC product. Adcetris is now a global drug approved in more than 60 countries. In addition to Adcetris, Seattle Genetics is evolving a pipeline of ADCs for treating cancer.

Adcetris is Seattle Genetics’ lead program which is produced in collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. They are currently participating in a clinical development program to evaluate its potential to become the main form of treatment for treating advanced forms of cancer.

Their ADCs are created using Clay Siegall’s patented technology and includes more than 12 clinical programs. Their ADC technology is used by collaborators to work towards empowering antibodies to help improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Under Siegall’s leadership, the drug company has entered into many licenses for its technology that have created more than $325 million. Across many programs, there are now more than 20 ADCs in development using Dr. Siegall’s technology. He has secured more than $1.2 billion in financing, which includes the company’s public offering in 2001.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked for the Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute until 1997. Prior to that, he worked for both the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health until 1991.

2.Siegall currently serves on the Board of Directors at Mirna Therapeutics, Washington Roundtable, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, and Alder BioPharmaceuticals. He has received many awards, one of which was the 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

In addition to his many work-related accomplishments, Clay Siegall has writted over 70 publications and currently holds 15 patents. His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University.

Devco Is Helping Burned Out Neighborhoods Recover

Cities around New Jersey are looking for ways to make their old and burned out neighborhoods better again, and the only way to do that is to make sure that they work with DEVCO. Devco is a loan company that works with large municipalities every day, and they are now creating a loan program that will work great for everyone who is involved. The Press of Atlantic City is reporting on the company even to this day because they are making a lot of small neighborhoods in New Jersey look better. The idea is to develop, and that is what Devco pays for when they send out a loan to the city or the county.
The city plays a very big role in this because they are taking out the loan and deciding to redevelop a community. They know that people in these places do not have the means to recover on their own, and they also know that they cannot help anyone unless there is new construction that companies will be attracted to. Every company that is coming into the area will offer its own set of jobs, and they might offer their own building money to help make the area even nicer. Jobs will be created on the spot, and it is very important that people who need jobs come to these cities.

The people who live in these areas need to be reminded that there is a way for them to recover from what could have been pretty hard times. They need to have something to hold on to, and that is where Devco comes in. Devco helps build something new, and they project how much the city can make to pay the loan back. Everyone wins, and the people who have lived in the community forever can see the difference.


“Pop-Up Exhibition” A Sender Success

The Senders completed their first “pop-up exhibition” in one of their homes in Miami Beach. Their exhibit was completed during the same time as the Art Basel Miami Beach was taking place. They are quite happy with the results of the first staging of their exhibit and hopefully will do more of the same, they apparently like the idea and technique of the “pop-up exhibition”. Adam and Lenore are planning to sell this first exhibit home soon, but thought it would be fun to use as a test property.

Their exhibition consisted of 70 pieces of art from over 1000 in Sender’s collection. The value of the Sender collection estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million. Some of the pieces of art in Adam Sender’s collection are items with nostalgic memories attached that connect him to specific pieces bringing back memories of youthful years. He states that he has purchased specific items because of their connection to life experiences and memories of the past. It is wonderful feeling a connection to specific works of art that draw personal experiences to the surface each time you are around the items.

The Senders are a long way from their Hedge Fund days and not looking back. Their investment in art is clearly made from passion and investment. Feeling a connection to the piece of art is like reliving a wonderful life experience.

The sale at Sotheby’s is still moving along, and the items being sold over a period of about a year should give Adam a return on his investment, just as he planned. Sender says that he doesn’t select unknown artists, but waits for a particular artist to begin to receive recognition for their talent from the critics in the art arena before adding an artist to his collection. For now, the Sender’s would rather continue doing “pop-up exhibitions” as they’re fun. No permanent plans for other activities at this time.

After moving from New York City to their home in Miami Beach, spending time enjoying their art, settling into a slower, calmer lifestyle looks good to Adam and Lenore.

“Home Alone” was curated by Sarah Aibel, the Sender curator. Aibel selected such art pieces as Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. It saddens Adam that so much of his art collection has been hidden and unable to be exhibited and enjoyed due to the size of the collection.

Exhibiting and enjoying the art pieces the Adam and Lenore now have has been exciting and fun for the couple not only to exhibit some of their collection, but to enjoy many of the pieces they haven’t be able to view and reflect upon for a long time.

Factors that Make QNet Successful in the Direct Selling Industry

The success of a corporation is usually anchored on a prudent management and strategic plans put in place by the management team. QNet is one company that has managed to register immense success through the set guidelines and philosophies initiated by founders of the corporation. The direct selling institution offers differentiated products in various markets of the globe.

QNet has an excellent eCommerce platform that enhances border less opportunities to more than 100 countries. The company has managed to stay afloat the competitive market because of its grass-root model of doing business. The enterprise believes in working with the ordinary people from different backgrounds. QNet has been encouraging individuals to commence business with less capital. Hard work and dedication have been termed as the successful factors that have lead to the market dominance of QNet in the direct selling business. The company works with independent representatives who have been able to lead a meaningful life owing to the excellent pay packages they receive from QNet.
One of the philosophies that have been able to ground QNet as a successful venture is its ability to empower other people besides having a dedicated workforce. Cultural diversity and ethnicity are celebrated at the entity as employees from different background play a crucial role in enhancing cohesion and improving rapport between themselves. Over the years, the corporation has been offering a range of lifestyle products to its retail consumers with the view to augmenting their livelihoods. Through the company’s diversity, distributors are allowed the unique opportunity to make their own product mix with the view to meeting and satisfying the utility of the market and organization at large.

In order to enhance its product offing, QNet works with top researchers, suppliers, product developers as well as experts in marketing and scientists. Through working with different market experts, QNet is able to identify and comprehend people’s wants. To this end, QNet is able to utilize its independent and stern in house standards in order to manufacture a variety of consumer-oriented products.

QNet’s quality control allows all its products to have life enhancing elements. The products are innovative, unique and are designed exclusively for QNet’s consumers.

It is imperative to note that QNet has an eStore, which a supermarket that sells everyday items. The store is considered a survival kit of various nutritional supplements and products that enhance the well being of consumers. Further, the supermarket stores high-end watches and jewelry besides acting as a travel agent and a communication solutions shop. The works and life of Gandhi inspire the company. The corporation has engaged in different corporate social responsibilities. QNet has set plans to establish its production facility in India. The production facility will serve to reduce the operational costs related to manufacturing the company’s products.

New Brunswick Is Upgrading To The 21st Century

With a rising skyline and a brand new image, New Brunswick, New Jersey is leaping into the 21st century. This, according to an article in the NJ Spotlight, is the culmination of 40 years of steady revitalization. City leaders have worked hard to remake New Brunswick into an alternative Cambridge. A lot of the heavy lifting in these efforts came from Boraie Development Corporation. Among other major projects for the city, Boraie did the architecture and construction of the beautiful high-rise Aspire building. The Aspire provides a safe, modern venue for both living and commerce at the center of the city, close to mass transit hubs. The opportunity to increase urban New Brunswick as a livable community of commuters to New York and Philadelphia was a concept that Boraie quickly capitalized upon.

The typical image outsiders have of New Brunswick is that it is a hanger-on of the heritage culture of past generations. And that it is the venerable home of Johnson & Johnson corporation and the renowned Rutgers University, as well as the country seat, and that it really never changes. But, the truth is that New Brunswick has steadily been in a process of upgrade. When the city increasingly became challenged by all the issues common to many cities in North America: plunging property values, volumes of immigration increasing, and jobs going away, the business leaders of New Brunswick met that challenge. Steady progress, over time, has remade the city into a significant academic and living center.

Credit must be given to both Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers for investing in local development plans and working to encourage valued private businesses to also commit to improved residential, commercial, and academic renovations to make the city’s environment generally more attractive. Thus, Boraie Development committed to assisting with these plans with the building of the Aspire. It offers hip, cool, and trendy Manhattan style Lofts with two bedrooms and the train station conveniently nearby. Each unit goes for a far lower price than similar units in New York. People living in the Aspire enjoy full kitchens, community lounge areas, a yoga center, a fitness center, a garden patio area on the roof, and even an ever-present doorman. Besides all this, Boraie built the Robert Wood Johnson Health and Wellness Plaza to assist in improving the rising urban living population’s levels of health and well being.