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Charlamagne Tha God: A Message For Eminem


Charlamagne Tha God is one of the rising rappers in the present American music scene. He made news recently because of his reaction regarding the comments made by the rapper Eminem on his newest album called Kamikaze.


He is a co-host of The Breakfast Club, which is being broadcasted nationally, and he received the updates regarding the comments made by Eminem through his Twitter account. According to him, the acclaimed rapper had immortalized him, including his name on some of the lines from the rapper’s new songs.


Charlamagne Tha God does not care if the message is positive or negative, saying that the most important thing was that his name was being dissed by one of the legendary rappers in the American music scene. He recalled that when he was only starting as a rapper, his name would only be dissed by other novice rappers just like him.


Charlamagne Tha God also left a comment regarding the songs recently released by Eminem, saying that the acclaimed rapper does not care about who would get offended by his songs. Eminem made a song against President Donald Trump, as well as Tyler, who is the Creator. The rapper released slurs against the people who were criticized for his songs, and Charlamagne Tha God says that it is Eminem’s freedom of speech to say what he wanted. He also added that the LGBT community should not be offended by the lyrics of Eminem’s new song, but he also said that he is expecting a negative reaction from the community, given their past histories wherein they were seriously offended even from the simplest jokes made for them. Refer to This Article for more information.


Charlamagne Tha God has also said that he looks up to Eminem for combating white prejudice. He also revealed that he liked Kamikaze, and he will forever refer to the rapper as one of the greatest rappers of all time. A lot of people considers Eminem as a living legend, and his influence is evident in the rapping industry. Charlamagne Tha God said that without the influence of Eminem, rapping would be so much different, and it would not be the same without Eminem.


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Charlamagne Tha God Praises Eminems Kamikaze Album


Eminem’s latest lyrical offering, known as “Kamikaze,” has shaken up the music world, and it’s not just because the album is selling well and breaking records. Numerous tracks on the album feature Eminem, whose birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, calling out a variety of well-known personalities, including fellow rappers.


Charlamagne Tha God, whose birth name is Lenard Larry McKelvey, is among the musical artists Eminem goes after in his newest album.


For those who may have forgotten, Charlamagne was critical of Eminem’s 2017 album “Revival.”


A video posted on YouTube by the channel “DJ Mask OFF” features Charlamagne commenting on some of the signature tracks of the 2017 album. In the video, Charlamagne can be heard describing the song Eminem performs with Beyonce, known as “Walk on Water,” as “trash,” and he was similarly critical of the song “Untouchable.”


Eminem evidently took notice of the critiques that came from Charlamagne. The songs “Fall” and “The Ringer” from “Kamikaze” feature Eminem taking shots at his critic. See This Page for additional information.


With the verbal jabs now having been thrown his way, Charlamagne has taken the time to respond to the disses during a recent interview with


In contrast to his feelings regarding “Revival,” Charlamagne had more positive things to say about “Kamikaze.” The 40-year old rapper, media personality and author described “Kamikaze” as “good” and he noted in particular that the political shots Eminem takes in the album seemed “way more organic” than they were in “Revival.”


Charlamagne Tha God also theorizes that Eminem himself is aware that his previous album was not a high quality artistic offering, and that he came out with “Kamikaze” in order to show his fans and fellow artists that he could still come out with good tracks.


Charlamagne does admit that he’s still not a fan of Eminem due in part to him not relating with the latter too well, but he does make it clear that he considers the 45-year-old as “one of the greatest lyricists ever.”


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Meet Charlamagne Tha God—One Of The Most Renowned Media Personalities In America


Officially known as Lenard McKelvey, Charlamagne tha God is a radio personality, a television host of an American channel, and an author. He began his career as an intern at a radio show where he has grown to become one of the most renowned media personalities in America. Apart from his journalism profession, Charlamagne tha God has always stirred in several TV series and movies including the Guy Court, the Girl Code, and the Guy Code.


His career

Charlamagne tha God began his career in South Carolina as an intern on the radio. He co-hosted a show with Wendy Williams who influenced his fast growth in the industry. Later, he would become an admired show host, interviewing big hip hop artists including Kanye West and Puff Daddy. Apart from being a journalist, Charlemagne tha God furthered his talent by being an actor. Since 2012, he has appeared in a lot of series and movie shows including the Guy Code which is a comedy series and ‘Inside the label’ which was aired on BET. Between 2013 and 2014, the talented journalist hosted the New Year’s MTV event in New York.


His recent interview in HBCU

In an interview held by HBCU 468 podcast in 2018, the media personality discussed his book, Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me, with Bill Rhoden. He discussed the challenges that a radio host faces as well as his past struggles with anxiety. Charlamagne tha God noted that he has attended therapies over the years to become a better person and treat his PTSD condition. He also highlighted that the book saluted many hip-hop songs which acknowledge the struggles of black Americans to become achievers. Go Here for more information.


About Charlemagne tha God

Currently, the media personality is 37 years old and is married with two daughters and another on the way. Married in 2014, his wife, Jessica, is known to be his longtime friend and childhood sweetheart. Charlamagne tha God recently released a book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It, which has become a best-seller in the New York Times. His net worth, as of 2017, is $10 million.