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Desiree Perez Is Making Waves With Tidal

In the shadows lay mysterious powers and endless possibilities that can make dreams a golden reality. Many are blessed to witness the outcome and very few are to be the reason. By now you have heard of Tidal music streaming service and are watching it’s battle to the top, but who’s behind the scenes feeding this beast? As we know there is no magical spell which can create such a momentum that Tidal has created. It takes hard work and tough cookies to push this build forward.

According to the news article Who Is Des Perez? posted February 26, 2016, on Hits Daily Double website, Jay-Z long-term trusted affiliate Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with. Sources say Desiree Perez has a long history in business counseling and strong negotiating. With her skills and expertise Tidal (The online music streaming service) benefits significantly with her on board. Desiree resume represents everything it takes to make it in any business including over 20 years experience guiding SC Enterprises along with her husband Juan Perez the head in charge of Roc Nation Sports. Though Tidal is in competition with several Juggernaut streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music the future of Tidal is still promising showcasing 3 million subscribers with the help of Beyonce Lemonade album and exclusive music access available to Tidal Subscribers only.

Needless to say, Jay-Z is a business man that today’s culture can relate to. From investments, sold out music and concerts he influence the mass of fans and entrepreneurs across the globe. One must ask. How can one man run such a huge success machine? We know running a success machine is not easy. It takes more then just one man. It takes a team of talented individuals with the heart and mindset of a boss. That’s right people like Desiree Perez and many others behind the curtains pulling the strings to get things done are the leaders in Tidal ongoing growth. With everything said we all understand that Desiree is a conqueror with motives of a giant. What more can the industry ask for? I can only say. Watch out for the current or drown.