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Taylor Swift Shuts Down Sexist Comments

One thing you have to love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she stands up for her rights as a female. Taylor Swift was recently pictured with two fans who are pregnant, and someone went on to state that maybe Taylor is hinting at being pregnant herself. Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a young lady, but she’s at the age where many people are expecting her to plan a family, but this is just a sexist way of thinking. Many women these days, especially famous women, they are waiting until they’re in their forties before they have children. Women are waiting because it gives them more options in life, and less to worry about when they get home. It’s tough enough to balance a huge singing career as well as having to care for a child when you get home. Although some young women have gone on to have children, Taylor Swift is not ready for that yet. Taylor also slapped back at someone online who referred to her as the ex-girlfriend of Harry Styles, and then they mentioned that she’s the rumored girlfriend of Calvin Harris. According to Cláudio Loureiro Heads, the reason why Taylor is so offended by the comment is that it makes it seem like she is only important because of who she dated, and it makes her seem as if she’s a possession. Ariana Grande recently shut down someone who made similar comments about her by saying that she was the ex of Big Sean. It’s like she was a nobody before she started dating the rapper.