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The Seven Fashion Staples of Kate Middleton

Britain’s Princess Kate Middleton has a specific style that she keeps to. She does so by having seven fashion staples that she sticks to like glue to glitter. Since many people admire her fashion sense here’s a breakdown of her fashion staples so you can replicate them if you so wish to revamp your closet to look somewhat like Princess Kate’s wardrobe. Although none of us “peasants” will have a closet quite like Kate Middleton’s closet. Her closet must look akin to something out of a Barbie cartoon.

The first fashion staple of Kate’s is she seems to prefer her coats long and belted. She also seems to have a long coat in every color of the rainbow. The second staple is she likes to not only wear belts on her coats, but also belts on her dresses and suit dresses. The belt look cinches around her slim waist which shows it off to it’s best advantage, which is probably why she prefers the belted look. The third fashion rule of thumb Kate sticks to is keeping to a knee length for her skirts, dresses and coats. Her fourth beauty staple is lace dresses, typically with three quarter sleeves. Number five is matching fascinators (aka decorative headpiece similar to a really fancy hat) that pair up with her outfits perfectly in color. Six is Kate Middleton prefers sensible and comfortable shoes for her everyday use and she even re-wears them. The seventh fashion staple Kate sticks to is to sometimes wear something completely surprising and different than what she usually wears.

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