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Finding the best advice for betting college basketball and March Madness in 2017

This year’s NCCA college basketball season is well underway, with crowd favorites looking to perform their best and and walk away champions. Betting pools are open, and skilled sports fans around the country have already won thousands. With the right information, research, and gut instinct anyone can win big betting on college basketball this season.

There many strategies for picking the winner, but the most important information you can find is about the odds. Finding the best college basketball odds will ensure that you make the most money from your wins. Finding the best price for your favorite team will ensure that you don’t leave any money on the table and will maximise your chance of coming out a winner. Because pricing is so important, I personally recommend as a primary source for research and information for several reasons.

Beyond the usual watered down research and guess work done on most sports websites, provides comprehensive odds and information each and every college basketball and March Madness game. provides information about point spreads, handicaps, odds as well and sportsbook promotions. This information is kept up to date in real time, ensuring you don’t lose money by working with outdated information. In many cases, a skilled handicapper can place a bet early before prices go down and secure the best odds for himself. When this happens it’s possible to wager on both sides of the event and guarantee profit no matter who wins the match.

Since is a website about sports betting for sports bettors, all of the articles are short, concise and focus on betting. You can get in-depth information about upcoming matches, match history, injury reports, as well as free picks from the experts. I personally make it a habit to read each and every article, consider the justifications and reasoning that the author had for making the pick that they did, and then bet accordingly.

Anyone interested in betting on college basketball during March Madness owes it to themselves to find all the best information that they can. Anyone unsure about their ability to pick a winner can also benefit from the free cash contests run by every season for every sport.

The combination of killer information, up-to-the-minute betting odds, as well as free contests with cash prizes are all the more reason to do some reasearch and make March Madness lot more exciting this season.