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Art Garfunkel finally reveals all about Paul Simon split

Art Garfunkel has finally opened up about the split between himself and Paul Simon that took place in 1970 and was reportedly instigated by Simon. The group, Simon & Garfunkel had become globally recognized for hits such as Bridge Over Troubled Waters when Simon decided to go solo and leave Garfunkel sidelined, Salon reports.

The duo have suffered a strained relationship after Garfunkel claimed he had felt as though his contribution to the band had not been recognized fully in the same way as The Beatles George Harrison was seen as a junior member to the dominance of Lennon and McCartney. Garfunkel stated during the interview the decision by Simon to split up their partnership had come as a surprise and the singer had asked him not to do so as they had reached global fame and would be crazy to do so. Rumors of another return of Simon & Garfunkel have recently surfaced and Garfunkel stated he would be willing to embark on a reunion tour after the vocal problems that caused the cancellation of the 2010 tour have now largely been treated according to Amen Clinic.