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Hot Trends For Men’s Footwear This Fall

Last season’s hot italian shoes trend involved shoes for men to slide their feet into. From the essential white low-top court sneaker to the clunky mandal with the lug soles, there was a footwear style for virtually every consumer. This season, of course, the focus switches from mere fashion to actual functionality as the weather changes and footwear serves a greater purpose, in addition to office dress going from summer casual to more winter formal.

This season in addition to classic offerings such as boots and dress styles, there are a few unexpected twists, like laceless brogues or, for the more fashion daring, a continuation of the mandal trend styled with fuzzy socks. If that’s a little too daring for you, however, this season is also ushering in a hot new trend that’s a little more office-friendly: the bowling shoe. There are a number of different takes on the traditional bi-colored shoe being offered by a number of different designers, but the trend is definitely taking off this season.

If you are slightly more of a traditionalist, however, there are a number of shoes that are holding steady for 2015. The medium brown oxford is still a hugely versatile option, but one new twist is rubber soles rendered to look like classic leather soles. New updates mean they are only getting better in terms of comfort and versatility while still keeping their classic style. The basic derby is also a classic but simple shoe that is still holding steady in terms of fashion and style.

On the more casual end of classic is the plimsoll, the leather sneaker and the refined desert boot. A plimsoll is a casual canvas or suede shoe with a thin rubber sole, sort of like a grown up pair of Vans. Also in the league of grown up Vans is the high end leather sneaker. Due to the increasing acceptability of high-end sneakers for both business and casual environments, there are a dizzying assortment to choose from by almost all major designers. The desert boot has also gotten a fresh new makeover that takes a classic look and gives it a more modern twist.

Whatever your taste or style, however, this season’s italian shoes offerings from Paul Evans run the gamut from the most modern to the most traditional. They offer everything from handcrafted Italian leather semi-brogue Oxfords to more casual but classic blue suede penny loafers to the most modern high top sneakers. They also offer a number of boots ranging from the classic Chukka boot to the more modern and stylish chelsea boot with elastic side bands for comfort, ease and convenience. Whatever your taste or style, you can find an excellent selection of fine crafted, high end shoes at Paul Evans.