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Impersonators – Choosing The Right One For My Party

Do you want to have an impersonator for your party or event? Impersonators are great to have at a party because they can help bring live entertainment to a party or event. They can also allow guests to experience being with a famous public figure or entertainer without the high fees involved with paying for a meet and greet or a watching a live concert or show.

Impersonators – Choosing The Right One For My Party

– Consistency In Performance

First of all, they should be very consistent with their performance. Some impersonators may look like a certain celebrity, but if they do not have the voice down or the performance moves down, it could be quite inconsistent and appear even more fake than before. Consistency is so important for them to follow. Look closely for their reviews to see what other people are saying about their live performances.

– Professional Approach

They should also approach the situation as very professional. If they come in acting like the celebrity even when it comes down to handling payment or arriving late, clearly they are not professional. They should be realistically easy to work with and provide you with a heartwarming experience.

Sergio Cortes

The perfect example of an amazing impersonator is Sergio Cortes. He is known for being the real life Michael Jackson. His performance skills, amazing singing voice, charisma with his dancing, and his overall intricate detailed features that look exactly like the singer are what makes him so unique. He looks almost intensely the same way as Michael does, and the coolest part is the fact that he takes his job very seriously. He performs live shows, has posted a few YouTube videos, and has become a worldwide sensation. He has goals of taking his performances to the world stage and travel the entire world as Michael Jackson’s main impersonator.

To get the right impersonator, look for somebody almost like Sergio Cortes. Somebody who knows how to perform and really genuinely looks like the celebrity they are retrying to be. The key to finding the right person is also to look through a registered and professional online company. Some of the world’s best impersonators are merely people who just have a strong understanding about the world of performance. Sergio is the perfect example of somebody who just naturally embodies the world of music and his famous counterpart, bringing him literally to life.

Mr. Sergio Cortes, Famous Michael Jackson Impersonator

Mr. Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator who was born in Spain in 1971. He performs primarily in Spain and other countries nearby. He really rose to fame in 2012 after a performance in Madrid. Since then, he has been knkown as one of the premier MJ impersonators in Europe, let alone the entire world.

Many people try to take up impersonating, but are not talented enough to correctly, successfuly emulate a celebrity or political figure. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Johnny Cash are examples of late celebrities that are commonly impersonated by people around the world. Believe it or not, there are people who wake up every day, just to dress up like Elvis. Instead of impersonating for fun on the weekends, they live their live as someone else. However once decides to impersonate somebody, they are not usually talented enough to make people think that they are the real person.

Sergio Cortes has been able to accurately depict the likeness of Michael Jackson time and time again. The dance moves of Michael Jackson are very difficult to try and emulate, let alone the dancing, hair, and make up Sergio Cortes has to undergo every time he wants to impersonate the King of Pop.

Not many impersonators do much more than try to emulate the likeness of a person, but Mr. Sergio Cortes has actually went to the lengths of shooting a few videos intended to imitate the same official videos released by Michael Jackson many years ago. Some of the videos he has helped produce include Smooth Criminal and Thriller.

Cortes not only has fans in his home country of Spain, as he has thousands of fans in South America.

If you are interested in viewing the videos he has contributed to, or some of Mr. Sergio Cortes’ live performances, simply search for “Sergio Cortes” on Google or Youtube, and you are sure to find many of his works. Not many impersonators get very popular, because they are doing something that has already been done. Most people want to listen to the original artist. Many Michael Jackson fans have agreed that Sergio Cortes is more than just the average performer, as he is able to accurately imitate Michael Jackson.