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The Many Advantages of The Academy of Art University

Are you interested in fashion? Are you interested in liberal arts? Well, would you like to work in the entertainment industry? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then the Academy of Art University should be a top consideration. This fantastic school offers plenty of programs that specifically relates to each of the above fields. Since its inception in 1929, Academy of Art University has grown as a dramatic rate, and it has produced a lot of high-profile professionals. The professionals include Actress Lauren Conrad, Actress Raven-Symone, Figurative Painter Asencio, Actress Heidi Montag and Music Video Director Chris Milk.

Fashion is a big sector of business at this school, and it has produced its fair share of prominent individuals. Academy of Art University participated at the affluent New York Fashion Week in 2017. This was the school’s 21st appearance. As in years of the past, the school came, it saw, and it conquered. The crowd was dazzled by the multiple array of menswear lines and womenswear lines. In addition to that, Academy of Art University provided two collaborations for added-effects. The amount of time that goes into each project can’t be put into words. Each one of the event’s designers has participated in countless workshops, in countless internships and in countless classes. Each and every hour of hard work has certainly paid-off for these 15 minutes of fame.

This school has produced a plethora of Oscar-nominated talent. This talent has been honored for working on many of Hollywood’s biggest feature-films that include Sully, Get Out, Dunkirk, Kong Shull Island, Lou, Blade Runner 2045 and many other films. The sky is truly the limit here or should I say that the limit is truly the sky.


Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University Shows Its Style

The Academy of Art University is noted for fostering young talent. Some of that talent was on display at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), which was held September 9, 2017. It was the twenty-first runway showcase at NYFW for the university.

The university’s offerings for this season’s fashion week included seven collections. These collections were the work of ten of the university’s recent BFA and MFA graduates. Five of the collections were womenswear, and two were menswear.

Executive Director of the School of Fashion Simon Ungless described the collections as having individual spirits. He noted, however, that the process had been executed as a collective.

The university has been fostering that individual spirit and creativity since it was founded. Richard S. Stephens started the school in 1929 under the name the Academy of Advertising Art. It has since changed names, but it has not changed its dedication to educating students.

The university has attracted students from diverse backgrounds. That was reflected in the seven collections shown at NYFW. Participating students came from places as diverse as San Francisco, which is where the university is located, to mainland China. The runway showcase was the chance for these young designers to present their work not only to their peers but to the whole world. The show was available online via a livestream.

These recent graduates and other students at the university have received an education from quality educators. The university has attracted some notable names to teach at it over the years. Among some of the major names have been actress Diane Baker, animator Tom Bertino, journalist Richard Hart, creator of Mythbusters Adam Savage, Academy Award-winning visual effects director Tim McGovern, and cartoonist Art Spiegelman.

These young creatives may one day be as well known as some of the university’s other alumni. Among the notable names that have graduated from the school are Canadian Olympic sprinter Mobolade Ajomale, Academy Award winner Rick Baker, film director Lee Cheol-ha, fashion designer Kara Laricks, actress Heidi Montag, cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, Project Runway contestant Alex Snyder, and comedian and bitcoin entrepreneur Margaux Avedisian.