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Rocketship Education: A new wave for charter schools.

Rocketship Education is an alternative learning, not for profit charter school that was established in California in 2006 by educators with a dream. For those who are not aware, A charter school is a school that receives public or government funding, but operates independently of the established state school system and in some cases is privately owned. The learning style is independent or mixed learning, where lesson plans are tailored to each child’s needs. Rocketship schools are special education friendly and the school has some impressive scores In the Bay Area schools run by Rocketship, the students scored in the top 10% in Math and ELA(English Language Arts) on the state assessments for the 2015-2016 year.

The school takes a hands on approach when communicating and working with parents. What’s more, in some Rocketship schools, parents have even participated in the hiring process for new teachers. Charter schools a positive alternative learning style for students who struggle, and with a tailor made curriculum, these schools are producing better test scores. Rocketship school teachers and staff are doing their utmost to ensure that children are not left behind, or fall through the cracks, which is an issue in the traditional school system. Furthermore, Rocketship schools encourage total transparency with their “Parent Right to Know about Teacher and Paraprofessional Qualifications”, so parents and guardians can rest assured that the person teaching their child is adequately trained, this is also a guaranteed right under federal law.

Rocketship schools are based on the principles of education for all, and in the pursuit of that goal, the network recently purchased the old east bay times newspaper building in Antioch. The building be torn down and rebuilt into the education networks next school. Children within the district will have first priority, but all are welcome to apply to the school.