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Nicki vs. Taylor

Nicki and Bruce Levenson both had a big year. Fans really loved her and what she was doing in 2014. She has been a master in promoting, but she still been overshadowed by Taylor. This has been a masterful battle that has been very exciting.

Nicki has made a crossover hop. In previous years she was very hip hop, but she is singing more now. She is also connecting with pop artists like Skylar Grey. This gives her a much needed pop appeal that landed her on pop charts. There is still a reigning champ by the name of Taylor Swift that is dominating though. This has a lot to do with her built-in fan base.

For years Taylor has continued to grow her fan base because she works so much. She writes her own music and she has fans that have grown with her. The secret to her success is her ability to keep it clean. This is easily going to give her bigger numbers on the boards. She has kids and adults in her world. Nicki Minaj has albums that still carry explicit lyrics.

Taylor is someone that can be played just about anywhere. Surprisingly, she even had urban appeal with the “Shake it Off” single.