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Avaaz Changing The World One Click At A Time

Launched in January 2007, Avaaz is a global civic organization dedicated to promoting activism in a variety of sectors including human rights, animal rights, poverty, climate change, and more. Although the organization is based in the United States, Avaaz operates on an international scale.

The name Avaaz is a Persian word derived from “voice”, connotating that the group is designed to give people a voice to speak out in their activism. The group uses myriad of methods to raise awareness and help its cause including petitions, demonstrations, and its support of people and groups representing common ideals. The overwhelming majority of groundwork is done via email and other internet-based applications.

Co-founded by Res Publica and Move.Org, took off quickly thanks to its backing by two prominent agents of change. The current board of directors consists of President Ricken Patel, Ian Bassin, and Sam Barratt. Other founding members included former Virginia congressman Tom Perriello and Australian progressive business leader David Madden.

The goal of Avaaz is to unite practical idealists from all over the globe in an effort to bring about real change. Some of its core initiatives include taking on the practices of Monsanto and encouraging support on a large scale for refugees. One controversial stance was the organization’s support of establishing no-fly zones over war-torn Libya and Syria.

Not one to shy away from politics, Avaaz was vocal in its opposition of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. The organization does not take donations from corporations or businesses and instead relies on individual contributions, as part of its goal to not be tied to any political ideologies or corporate lobbyist groups.

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End Citizens United Battle Against Corporate Money in Politics

A corporate takeover of our political system is in full effect, and the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United broke the camel’s back. Big money, now has total power to anonymously and limitlessly fund political campaigns and politicians. This infinite influence and funding has corrupted scores of politicians. So, to help counteract this business takeover of our political election the organization End Citizens United was formed.

In 2008, the conservative group called, Citizens United, scrounged together a 90-minute political video attacking Hillary Clinton. At the time, the law stated that all political advertisements must provide where the ad-funding was received. The political attack video was in the grey area of the current law, due to the length of the film. To solve the dispute of the Citizens United Video, the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) held a hearing on the situation and ruled that the motion picture was a political ad. The conservative group responded by suing the FEC’s decision. Initially, the court sided with the Federal Election Committee, but in 2010, the Supreme Court, controversially, sided with the Citizens United Group.Immediately after the ruling, major push back was issued. From the ACLU to the Democratic Party, varied institutions agree with the majority of the American population that the Supreme Court had made a massive mistake. Out of all the anger and the resistance the Political Action Committee (PAC), End Citizens United, was formed.

End Citizens United was started March 1, 2015. This Washington D.C based organization has been leading the fight against money in politics in various interesting and effective ways. First and obvious,the goal of the institution is to over turn Citizens United. The most realistic and feasible way to achieve this goal is to amend the Constitution. The amendment would require 2/3 of the Senate’s and House’s vote. Then it would have to ratified by ¾ of the States. So, Ends Citizens United has aligned with Democratic candidates that have buttressed polices to get corporate money out of politics. Especially, politicians who have vowed not to take corporate PAC money in any way. Over 25 million dollars was raised by End Citizens United for the elections of 2016, and 35 million is expected to be raised in the 2018, mid-terms. Using small fundings and social media, this innovative institution hopes to make America’s elections a democracy again.

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George Soros Firm Believer Of The Democratic Ideals

George Soros has been in the headlines time and again either due to his political activism or for his philanthropic achievements. As a political activist, George Soros is considered to be one of the torchbearers of the democratic ideals across the globe and is arguably one of the biggest donors to various organizations that are pro-democracy. The efforts of George Soros to promote democracy are not limited to the United States, but he has reached out to various agencies across the globe. It is why the governments of many countries believe that George Soros is interfering with their country’s politics, but he believes that all he is doing is stopping capitalism to take over the world once again.

Having witnessed the world transform in front of his eyes over the years, George Soros knows what politics is capable of. He is not happy with the political situation across the globe at the moment and believes that the right people with democratic values embedded in them should be heading the countries to ensure that the people can enjoy their rights freely and there is no threat of capitalism looming over the world. George Soros has been a prolific businessman as well in his lifetime and is listed by the Forbes as the 29th richest person in the world. With the total net worth of over $25 billion, George Soros is in position to change the dynamics of financial market as well as the country’s politics. He believes that the fortune that he has accumulated over the years has given him the freedom as well as an opportunity to work with others and help empower local communities. It is what he focuses most of his time on.

To structure his efforts properly, George Soros started Open Society Foundation in 1973. It helped him reach out to the democratic and charitable organizations beyond the United States. George Soros has always been involved in the United States’ politics from a distance, and in the Presidential Elections of the United States in 2016, George spent more than $30 million to fund the election campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton. George Soros was disappointed when Hillary couldn’t secure a win at the top seat, but it didn’t discourage George Soros in moving ahead with the policy reform measures that he has been putting all his efforts in.

George Soros is profoundly influenced by Karl Popper and his ideology of Open Society. He once read the book by Karl Popper named Open Society and Its Enemies, which dealt with how the class divide is happening in society we live in and the rich are getting richer, and the situation of the poor is getting worse. George believes that once the power is in the right hand, the situation can change drastically. It is why he leaves no stone unturned in supporting the democratic candidates in the elections of the United States and elsewhere. As a democratic liberal, George Soros believes that capitalism needs to be uprooted from the society for the community to thrive and be ready for the peaceful future.

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The Latest Episode Of Tactics By The Conservative Groups Against George Soros

The liberal billionaire, George Soros is facing the attacks of the conservatives and their theorists for long. All of those are because of his ideological stand and fights for liberal causes that are making direct blows to the business and political interests of conservatives. It is now a trend that any good act done by Soros is opposed by the conservatives, and they create some stories plotting that Soros has some different intentions than mentioned and attack him. However, they always fail to explain why their previous theories have gone wrong in the case of Soros as well as the life story of Soros that was highly focused on creating open and democratic societies.

When it comes to the latest news about the transfer of almost $18 billion by Soros to Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic and activity group founded by him, the situation was no different. When the contribution news came out in the early October 2017, Breitbart, a conservative-sided website, described the OSF as a “death star.” Interestingly, the big contribution has made the OSF the second largest charity groups in the country just behind the Gates Foundation. Giving him the outline of a philanthropic boogeyman is one of the major tactics of the conservatives in the current political situation. It is already found that conservatives are targeting liberal billionaires like Soros to shield their partisan divide.

However, these types of theorists are actually working against the people by spoiling the values of democracy. By creating such stories, the conspiracy theorists undermine grassroots level activism along with plotting philanthropists as a group of people with the immense power to make serious concerns about their role in shaping society. History shows that philanthropists have experienced a higher level of abuse, and the industrialization made a change in the notion of the people as the mega-donors started shaping the society. While coming to the United States, it was always accommodating the philanthropists greatly. However, it also created political system that designs conspiracy theories targeting philanthropists.

The latest victim of such a condition is none other than George Soros. The theorists fail to understand that Soros is someone who wrote the threats of capitalism itself decades back. Though he amassed significant fortune mainly through his betting on capital markets, Soros confirmed that the intensified laissez-faire capitalism creates clear threats to the democratic societies. He observed that access of market values into all areas of human life could damage the open society concept. Soros stressed that the main enemies of any open society are capitalism and the market values.

George Soros is from a Hungarian Jewish family who survived the Second World War. After the War, the family moved to the United Kingdom, and Soros enrolled for graduation at the famous London School of Economics. Later, he moved to America and started investing in its capital markets. After acquiring some significant success, Soros floated his hedge fund firm which was named as Soros Fund Management. It made him a billionaire, and he started focusing on philanthropy by founding OSF across the globe from the early 1980s.

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