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Meet Shafik Sachedina: A Dentists, Entrepreneur, And A Philanthropist

Shafik Sachedina Ismaili was born in 1950 in Der-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He attended London University Guy’s Hospital and Dental school where he specialized in dental surgery. He graduated from the institution in the year 1975. He was the first in the area of dental surgery. While in London, he became interested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Nowadays, he lives in England and holds several important positions in various healthcare facilities.

Besides holding important positions at various committees, Shafik Sachedina decided to volunteer on the board of governors at the Jamati Institution. His career helped him get a job at Institute of Ismaili Studies, a company that concentrates on promoting the culture and history of Muslims because it speaks about other societies and faiths. He is also one of the co-chairs at the Sussex healthcare. He has made several achievements due to his engagements at the institute. Shafik Sachedina meets the Deputy foreign affairs minister the Middle East and Africa.

Shafik Sachedina has served as the Ismaili Council’s President in the UK for two consecutive terms, which shows that he has a strong desire of helping people. In the year 2017, Sachedina was privileged to discuss with Special President Representative and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Africa and the Middle East. During the meeting, they talked widely about the recent happenings in the Middle East. At one point, they spoke about extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria. Shafik was happy to note that a lot has been achieved in the effort to end the conflicts and disagreements in the region.

Sachedina felt that it is important to start negotiations to create the government within the Syrian Arab Republic as well as the opposition to enhance a policial resolution as per the rules of the United Nations. He was attracted to these issues because they were related to what he does at Aga Kahn Foundation.

Shafik spends most of his time dealing with the issues in the healthcare sector as well as those of foreign affairs. Do you know why? It is because they are related to what happens at Institute of Ismail Studies. He has been working extremely hard to help people from different parts of the world since he moved to U.K. from Tanzania.


Ryan Seacrest Lives to Work

Ryan Seacrest may be the busiest man in Hollywood, but fans would never know it from his unstoppable energy and on-air charisma. His personality has made him one of the most famous hosts in Hollywood, but Ryan has a hand in many different business ventures from radio to menswear. In addition to his long list of full-time jobs, he launched his foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has helped countless children suffering from illnesses.

Ryan’s love of media started out at a young age. He bought his first radio headset at just 10 years old and practiced impersonating his favorite DJs. Although Ryan began attending Santa Monica College in L.A. to study broadcasting, he went onto land several hosting gigs and began work as the night DJ for KYSR. Through Ryan’s hard work, he ended up hosting the radio show Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home, which became the top afternoon talk show in L.A. Ryan hasn’t left his roots in radio behind. Ryan currently hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM, which is broadcast live from the ABC studios in New York.

According to his Instagram account, when Ryan isn’t broadcasting on the radio, he hosts American Idol, a position he has held since 2002. The show underwent cancellation, but when it was revamped under a new network, Ryan was tapped to host the show once again. In 2017, Ryan landed the job as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan on ABC. After a long search for a co-host for Kelly, Ryan (@ryanseacrest) was the perfect fit. He tapes the show with Kelly in Manhattan after flying from L.A. from American Idol.

Ryan also launched Distinction, a menswear line of tailored pieces inspired by his time spent on the red carpet. It offers quality pieces at accessible price points. Some of Ryan’s most important work is with his Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation brings specialized entertainment studios to children’s hospitals so patients can learn while exploring a creative outlet. Watch Ryan on ABC!

More facts about Seacrest:

Adam Milstein, An Author and Mediator Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is the Co-Founder of the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which he co-founded with his wife, Gila. The foundation offers charitable and humanitarian services to a wide range of establishments to support the Jewish people, Israel as a state and the relationship between the United States and Israel. He is as well a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the finances, disposition, and management of property at the firm. Adam Milstein has been vocal on issues that affect people adversely especially those based on religion like in the case of radical Muslims who were focused on abolishing and delegitimizing Israel. He was in the forefront to condemn the actions by Radical Muslims of stoning women, killing gays, walking over on minority and human rights as well as despising feminism. With these actions, the few that are involved tarnish the whole Muslim community which is not good for that religion as a whole. Adam Milstein wonders how radical leftists allow such things to happen which fails to help identify the real Muslims and the radicals. He is as well offended by the reference of his home state, Israel as a white supremacist by some students at Tufts University. Israel as well seems to be under siege as New York University seems to share similar sentiments.

Adam Milstein on his part advocates for a good relationship between the United States and Israel and therefore does not understand where the issue of anti-Semitism hails from and why people cannot co-exist irrespective of their origin. The issue of racism and religion seems to have become rampant which is one of Adam Milstein’s concern as the radical Muslims are determined to interfere with the peace of the Jewish people’s homeland; Israel. In that case, he condemns these kinds of premeditated actions which are likely to stir conflicts among religions and people from various origins. Being a Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council, he is best placed to advocate for peace and bring to an end such actions that deform the relationship that exists between the two states. He is a holder of a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business and economics which means he understands what some kind of actions would do to a state economically.

Greg Secker Continues to Rise in His Ventures with the Continued Commitment to Lift Others Up

Greg Secker is passionate about helping other people improve their lives, a trait that resonates across all his ventures. He is committed to educating, coaching, and supporting others in a bid to lift them up to a higher level. He is renowned world over as a forex trade expert, entrepreneur, international speaker and a generous philanthropist.

Career Growth

Greg Secker started his career in the financial industry working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He soon left to join forex trading sector which he started by creating an online trading arena, Virtue Trading Desk. This platform was the first in the industry to operate in real-time. He then got a chance to work with master traders after he landed an opportunity at Mellon Financial Corporation. He was engaged as the firm’s Vice President. The platform was ideal for him to grow his skills in forex trading and investments which prepared him well to run his own company. He left to start his venture Learn to Trade which he uses to teach people how to trade. The venture that started from his home has since grown to have offices in other parts of the world including Manila, South Africa, and Sydney. Greg continued his interests in trading and investments where he founded other companies including Smartcharts Software, Capital Index, and FX Capital. He operates all his businesses under the conglomerate Knowledge to Action Group.

Greg Secker’s commitment to inspire others laid a foundation for him to be a motivational speaker. He is currently renowned internationally and has appeared on many stages alongside to influential individuals such as Robert Kiyosaki and T Harv Eker among others. He has also been featured by major media outlets such as CNBC. Greg shows his generosity through the Greg Secker Foundation.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker excelled in forex trading and investments despite training in a completely different course. He is a former student of the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Greg Secker’s efforts have been recognized far and wide. This year, he was a finalist in the National CSR Awards. Richtopia named him as one of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs this year.