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Music Producer Clay Huston

Clay Huston is a music producer working in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a very unique producer for the music industry. When crafting music for artists, he makes sure to implement the feelings and ideas of his artists. He desires for music leaders to hear beautiful performances through the music. He is hard worker. Artists and other music industry professional know him as someone who will work from dawn to dusk.


He began his own production company due to his love for live entertainment. He worked for several years before he even had the thought of creating his own company. He combined his many years of experience working with various artists and other music industry veterans that caused him to create a special and a successful production company. Learning so much from so many different people has caused the producer to develop his musical skills. The company he worked at previously began to struggle during the recession that occurred during the mid 2000s. That was a bittersweet moment. But he was able to transform that moment into becoming an opportunity for him to create his own company.


Running a production management company is not an easy job. But Clay Huston manages pretty well. His work days are long and are packed with many things to do. Some of his days require him to work the floor of the events hic company is hosting for artists. The producer wakes early in the morning before seven a.m. He wakes so early to get to venues before anyone else. He does this to walkthrough the venue to make sure everything is setup properly before the show begins. He also overseas storage and other staff.


Clay Huston has accomplished many things for himself, the music industry and his company. He is very productive and makes sure his staff also handles their job in preparing a venue. He is very attentive to the way things are organized before a show starts. Perfection is important to him and his artists. Once the show gets up and going, he begins to ponder of how him and his team will break everything down after the show. He gives his staff the exact directions on how to execute a successful show.

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Success On The Road with Clayton Hutson

The year is 2018 and for the better part of the last two decades, Clayton Hutson has established himself as a music industry staple. He is known as an innovator who takes control of a tour and ensures it’s success. Clay has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and has consistently given them a quality tour experience.

Through the years Clay has become something of a virtuoso in the sound world. He has worked with various companies to get first run equipment tailored to his needs; many of these have now become the industry standard. Aside from bringing cutting edge technology to his productions, he is a man who tends to wear various hats on the tours he works. He has filled the role of sound engineer, production designer, production manager, and tour manager.(Sometimes all at once!) On shows he produces, he keeps his always watchful eye on the safety of the rigging and all the crew, while also striving to maintain the artistic quality of the show.

Working in the industry has given Clay the opportunity to work with the likes of Aaron Lewis, Marylin Manson, Pink, Maxwell and many more. He has worked in various venues, from small casino lounges to larger 50,000 seat arenas. One thing for which Clay can be counted on, is that he will give the same 100% to all his shows. Big or small, he gives each production his best effort no matter the venue. With Clayton Hutson at the helm as tour manager, you can be rest assured that you’re in some of the best hands in the industry.

In this world of ever evolving music, technology, and internet influence, there seems to be a never ending supply of people trying to establish themselves in the music business. This has created an over saturated market of amateurs and seasoned professionals, making it hard for one to standout above the rest. Clay has paid his dues to be sure, and learned some tricks along the way. Without a doubt, Clayton Hutson has managed to carve out his spot in this super competitive world by bringing a successful tour experience to all the people he works with in the music industry. Learn more: