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White Shark Media Takes All Complaints Seriously


White Shark Media is establishing itself as one the newer players on the PPC and search engine marketing industry. The company has added a number of clients since its founding. The company grew quickly, and this may have lead to management and SEM specialists being unprepared to handle the workload. Clients have logged a few complaints at White Shark Media, and the company is not ignoring these concerns. Instead, White Shark Media is doing the best job possible to address any complaint issues.

White Shark Media does handle a number of different duties, and all tasks are intended to help a business achieve greater success with online marketing. Complete and total Bing and Google Adwords management is the main service. Other work-for-hire includes logo design and website customization. Various evaluations of PPC and SEO-related undertaking can be performed.

White Shark Media, however, does not engage in any search engine optimization work such as link building, key word integration, and the like. A complaint customers have is they wish the company would offer SEO services.

White Shark Media is not offering search engine optimization work this time, and the enterprise wants potential clients to understand this. The company does provide the aforementioned SEO evaluation duties, which can be examined when seeking out a search engine optimization company to work with.

Customers had one complaint the company did not likely anticipate. When first contacting White Shark Media, would-be customers deal with sales representatives. These representatives help ascertain the client’s needs, and then help the customer select the appropriate package deal to purchase. Afterwards, customers are assigned a SEM specialist.

Customers were not thrilled with losing contact with the person they first dealt with. Having access to the SEM specialist and the initial contact employee allows clients to better get needs met. So, White Shark Media now keeps the lines of communications open between the client and the original point of contact.

White Shark Media has also hired SEM managers. The managers oversee a small team of SEM specialists. This way, the SEM specialists are better able to perform more efficiently in their job.

Other steps to improve communications have been devised. No longer does the company rely on a single “all-purpose” phone line. SEM specialists and other employees have their own direct extensions. This allows clients to reach the specialists easier. Also, monthly web-streaming meetings are run through the GoToMeeting service. Clients and SEM specialists discuss all the various aspects of a campaign during these meetings. Better communications cuts down on confusion and other woes.

White Shark Media takes all customer concerns seriously. The company even published a lengthy article about customer complaints on its blog. The blog reveals all the steps being taken to improve operations. In doing so, White Shark Media deserves more than a small amount of praise.