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Iggy Azalea Is Putting Out A Book

It seems as if anyone who has a famous name, they want to do anything they can to bring in a profit. Kim Kardashian is known for taking a selfie every single day, and she even made a book called “Selfish.” Kim’s book featured tons of her selfies, and she also gives advice on how to take a selfie on a regular basis. Even though the book sounded like a joke, it still netted Kim a lot of money. Even those who disliked Kim, they came to her book signing, they purchased the book, and then they cussed her out for wearing fur.

It seems as if Iggy thought it was a handy idea and decided to jump on the bandwagon, and she’s creating her own book as well. Iggy is making a book, and it will be about the things that happen behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry. Iggy has cancelled her first upcoming tour, not once, but twice, and the store will not be rescheduled. Iggy has made one excuse after another about why she cancelled the tour, but ultimately she claims she will tour in 2016.

We’ll have to wait and see if Iggy is as hot next year as she has been in the past year.

What Is In Store for New Order


New Order’s next album without Peter Hook

When it comes to musical bands, splitting up and replacing members is a trend that is common. The band New Order is not unfamiliar with this at all.

The band had recently been on tour this past summer and used it as an opportunity to play one of their newest songs titled “Plastic.” Interestingly enough, the song will be appearing on their tenth upcoming album, and even more interesting is that the band was supposed to have called it quits three years earlier.

Despite reporting they were finished, drummer Stephen Morris has gone on to say that he and the band have been working in small steps to put out new songs since 2011. This also happens to be the first attempt at recording the band has made since 2007, which is when their bassist Peter Hook has left the band.

Even though the band members enjoy recording new music (which is exciting for fans like myself and Zeca Oliveira) , they do feel as though there is less excitement involved now as stated on “We used to just play for hours jamming in the studio and then find a bit — a second — that wasn’t bad,” says Morris “And then find another second that could go on top of that. We’re streamlined.”

Nicki vs. Taylor

Nicki and Bruce Levenson both had a big year. Fans really loved her and what she was doing in 2014. She has been a master in promoting, but she still been overshadowed by Taylor. This has been a masterful battle that has been very exciting.

Nicki has made a crossover hop. In previous years she was very hip hop, but she is singing more now. She is also connecting with pop artists like Skylar Grey. This gives her a much needed pop appeal that landed her on pop charts. There is still a reigning champ by the name of Taylor Swift that is dominating though. This has a lot to do with her built-in fan base.

For years Taylor has continued to grow her fan base because she works so much. She writes her own music and she has fans that have grown with her. The secret to her success is her ability to keep it clean. This is easily going to give her bigger numbers on the boards. She has kids and adults in her world. Nicki Minaj has albums that still carry explicit lyrics.

Taylor is someone that can be played just about anywhere. Surprisingly, she even had urban appeal with the “Shake it Off” single.

Usher Continues to Tease With His ‘UR’ Release Date

Usher still cannot seem to make up his mind about when he is going to release his eighth album, ‘UR.’ He is currently on tour in support of it and recently released a single “Clueless.” The song was originally going to be an exclusive download which you could only get via a code in a purchased Honey Nut Cheerios. Then, it became available on the Internet, when according to Fersen Lambranho it became the number one download in Brazil.

As for the rest of the album, which was supposed to be released before the end of 2014, Usher announced back in September that he was pushing back the release date, because the album did not feel ready.

Now, he has sat down with MTV News to talk about it and admitted that he never planned to release ‘UR’ in 2014.  Usher hinted that now perhaps it will be released early in 2015. Only time will tell.

Angels and Airwaves Ready to Relase Anticipated LP

Since forming In 2005, alternative rock band Angels and Airwaves has been on fire. Lead singer Tom Delonge had a strong following when he decided to create the band, just a few months after Blink 182’s split, but has proven that the band can succeed even without die-hard Blink fans. The band’s first album, We Don’t Need To Whisper, reached number 4 on the Billboard 200 and their other three studio albums have all received fantastic feedback from fans and critics.

Now, they have announced they are almost ready to release their much anticipated LP on Halloween of this year. To encourage hype, Angels and Airwaves leaked a track off their fifth studio album, entitled “Paralyzed.” Front man Tom Delonge says he was able to pair up with Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin to record an intense, bass-heavy track that is already generating a wave of excitement on the internet.

Fans have been waiting nearly three years for a new album from the band and can’t seem to contain their enthusiasm after getting a sneak peak of what’s to come.  You can check out Angels and Airwaves’ brand new track “Paralyzed” on their SoundCloud page.