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What Does Christian Broda Do?

Christian Broda is one of the premier economists in the United States. He is currently the managing director at Duquesne Capital Management. Mr. Broda was previously a Professor of Economics at the world famous University of Chicago and completed his PHD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been published in numerous high level scholarly journals such as the American Economic Review and others. His profile in the media is also very strong and he has done guest appearances and contributes regularly to different forms of media. While Christian Broda is very successful his field of study seems to mystify many Americans. Let’s take a look at what exactly Mr. Broda does as an economist.

Put in simple terms an economist is an individual who examines the connection between the world’s resources and what human societies do with those resources. This goes for how much resources we put into projects and activities and how much we get out of those activities and how it affects the daily lives of individuals and the environment and systems that surround us. Economists help to shape our lives every day by influencing public policy makers and advising large organizations like companies, governments and others on the best way to utilize precious resources.

The vast majority of economists have some sort of relationship with governments. Either through training at public universities or by working directly with them. The reason for this is that governments worldwide have massive amounts of resources and need to know what the best way to use them will be. Ever since the early 1900s the government has hired about fifty percent of the economists in the United States at some point in their careers.

An economist will either hold a PHD like Mr. Broda or a Masters Degree. Typically economists have a great deal of education completed due to the complexity of the issues they face. They need to analyze the inputs and outputs of an economy and how all of those things will affect the day to day lives of all of us. For those economists who do not work for the government there is plenty of work in the private sector and with the media as Mr. Broda has done. The path Christian Broda has taken with his career is one of the best ways an economist can go. Having studied at some of the best educational institutions for economics and working in capital markets and the media is one of the pinnacles of the profession.

When it comes down to it economists simply observe and analyze the things we take for granted every day through the lenses of currency and mathematics. They help us to understand complex systems in our lives and the lives of others globally.

The Good of Stephen Murray

While’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital‘s CEO is no longer living to see all the good he has done in the world, he did prove to be an extremely efficient business professional. He went on to do great things throughout the business world and while he died at the age of 53, he did manage to leave his mark on the company and professionals around him.

Stephen Murray attended college at Boston College and eventually graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. While working, he returned to school and obtained his master’s degree from Columbia Business School, specializing in business administration. Stephen Murray did not just go to school though. He also interned and worked as well. After grading from Boston College, he worked with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation and eventually went to join up with the company’s equity devision after finishing his time with Columbia. During this time, he learned about the leveraged financial unit and watched the company purchase several other larger institutions, including Chemical Bank. The equity firm of Manufacturers Hanover went on to merge with Chemical Venture Partners and Chase Manhattan Corporation. Over the next decade, the company merged and purchased multiple other companies in the industry, so Stephen Murray learned all the ins and outs of this process.

Due to his interaction with these mergers and buyouts, he went to become the head of JP Morgan Partners’ buyout sector. From there, Stephen Murray eventually went on to co-found CCMP Capital, which became part of JP Morgan Chase as well. By 2007, he obtained the title of CEO of the company as well.

Stephen Murray did not just work with JP Morgan and CCMP though. He worked on the board of directors for some of the largest companies in the world. Some of these companies includes Aramark, the outdoor outfitter Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, Legacy Hospital Partners, not to mention one of the largest cinema companies in the world AMC Entertainment. Being on the board of directors for all of these different companies kept Stephen Murray extremely busy, but it did not prevent him from giving back and from helping out some of the non profit organizations close to his heart.

Some of the non profit organizations Stephen Murray went on to work with included the Make A Wish Foundation out of New York City. He also donated back to Boston College and the Columbia Business School to name a few.

Investing Banking For Retirement

All people need to have a life investment plan. This plan should include a savings plan when they are young that allows them to pay off any debt they may have as a result of prior issues such left over student debt from their initial education. They should also focus attention on building long term stability in life such as buying a first house. Creating a base of fiscal stability is highly important in life at this point in time. A basic financial plan will include other important skills such as providing the person with chance to begin both a basic emergency nest egg for short term needs and a longer investment horizon that is focused on issues such as retirement for the person and their spouse.

As people age, they will want to begin focusing closely on all their retirement plans. Retirement is something that most Americans can look forward at some point in their lives. The average American will be able to collect social security but this may leave gaps in their retirement funding. This is why people start a retirement savings plan. Many such plans are available to the average person via their workplace. People are often able to dedicate a specific portion of their funds to the creation of a retirement fund that has many kinds of tax advantages and allows them to save for retirement far more easily than many might have expected otherwise.

Working with an investment banker can help the person saving for retirement and plan out such long term goals. People such as Kenneth C. Griffin can show the person who is looking to plan for retirement how best to do with the right mix of investment choices for their specific needs and plans. Kennth Griffin is one of the most successful investors in the entire history of the United States. This Harvard grad has been interested in investing since he was in his teens. His work in this field has led to enormous gains in this field and made him one of the world’s richest men. His management of various investment funds has helped him provide growth for those looking to do well in the market nad work closely with the stock market to enjoy a great deal of financial success.

Planning for retirement can take many years. Investors who are within a few years of retirement will want to consider carefully evaluating all aspects of their current portfolio and doing their best to help reduce any potential for loss. Many people will do better to keep their investments in stocks that are very ssafe such as blue chip stocks. The investor approaching retirement may also want to consider investing in other types of investments such as bonds and treasury bills. Most investors will also wnat to keep at least a portfolio in stocks that are likely to generate dividends and also have potential for growth as the person ages in order to help them keep with potential losses from inflation.

FreedomPop Turns Heads with New UK Expansion

It isn’t easy being innovative, especially not in one of the most crowded developing markets on Earth. Yet somehow the team at FreedomPop has managed to continually turn heads with their freemium mobile carrier network. FreedomPop was established back in 2012 in Los Angeles with the intent of becoming a completely free service at its core, with optional upgrades elsewhere for those who wanted more out of their mobile phone. Since then the company has become one of the biggest names in the market and now they are reaping the benefits. Right now FreedomPop has set their eyes on taking over the UK market, and they look primed to make it happen.

The United Kingdom has always been one of the most competitive markets for mobile phones in all of Europe. With basic plans comparable to more expensive American plans, FreedomPop had to bring in the goods in a way that would allure new customers to their product. FreedomPop has already established their name state side but doing it over seas could prove to be difficult. That is why FreedomPop isn’t holding back at all as they launch their core program in the UK.

To open up service in the UK the team at FreedomPop decided to offer what amounts to a basic UK plan — completely free. Subscribers get 200 minutes of voice, 200 text messages, and 200 MB of total data. This is equivalent to the most basic UK plan but it comes at no expense to subscribers. Right now the plan is only available through a SIM card but FreedomPop has designs on getting their personal brand of phones up and running soon overseas. Alongside the core plan the team is also planning on launching the Jetsetter traveling program. Jetsetter gives subscribers who travel a boost of roaming mobile data that will be usable in over 20 countries.

So how does FreedomPop get away with offering a free program at their core? Well, as it turns out it comes through distribution. FreedomPop is able to get their hands on data from Samsung at wholesale prices. From there the company passes on the savings to their customers, relying on the few who want to upgrade their service in order to make a profit. While it sounds unfathomable at best, the deal has been working and now FreedomPop is rounding the corner on over one million subscribers here in the US.

Many Vietnam Vets Have Don’t Qualify for Agent Orange Compensation

In 1991, a law was passed that presumed all veterans who set foot in Vietnam were exposed to a chemical compound called Agent Orange. The law entitled all those veterans to be eligible for certain compensation due to their exposure to this toxic chemical which was formulated to bring the leaves off of trees and expose the Vietnamese enemies.
In a research funded by Bruce Levenson it shoes that not all Vietnam vets set foot on the soil of the country. Some are considered to be ‘brown water veterans’ and they fought for our countries from vessels in the murky river waters in enemy territory. Those brown water veterans qualify for benefits due to their exposure to agent
orange, but there is a group of veterans from the Vietnam era that have yet to receive compensation for their exposure to chemical weaponry. That group is known as the ‘blue water navy veterans’.
The blue water navy veterans spent their fighting time out on the ocean water in navy vessels surrounding Vietnam and the government won’t give the veterans any Agent Orange compensation unless they can prove they spent time on the rivers or land of Vietnam. There are an estimated 90,000 blue water navy veterans that currently don’t qualify for compensation.

Environmentalists Begin Push Back Against EPA’s Prior Fracking Study

Last week, the Obama administration stunned environmentalists when the EPA issued a draft study concluding that hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” did not pose a serious threat to drinking water. While there are documented instances of fracking contaminating ground water, the EPA ruled that it was the result of strict regulations not being followed. That said, the draft study found that in the overwhelming number of instances, oil companies are complying with safety guidelines.

Now, conflicting accounts are emerging as to the safety of fracking. While it is expected that environmentalists will find studies that contract the Obama administration’s position, the conflicting reports come from none other than the EPA. In studies conducted in various states, the EPA found a large number of cases where ground water had been contaminated by fracking. For instance, in Pennsylvania, 234 water wells had been contaminated. In Colorado, there were 340 wells affected. The state of New Mexico had 743 similar instances.However, it remains to be seen if environmentalists are reading too much into the reports, as Amen Clinics points out. It would appear unlikely that the EPA would contradict itself. That said, the EPA’s draft report is sure to dismay President Obama’s base which believes he has not done enough to promote a left-wing environmentalist agenda.

The Era of EDM

It is no secret that the world today has been pushed into a genre that no one thought would ever see the light of day let alone the top songs in the music chart.

It is very apparent that the electronic dance music fever is at an all-time high and there is no way to get down from it. This has come about for many reasons, but primarily because of the fact it is a very captivating and engaging genre which really gets your blood flowing.

In the Rolling Stone top songs of 2014, are numerous songs that belong to the electronic dance music genre or some pop artists or even hip hop artists who have decided to collaborate with the electronic dance music artists to fuse the genres.

I couldn’t be more grateful that Dan Newlin showed me this genre and that people are embracing a new direction in music because if you stick to one side, it does sometimes feel a little bit boring, and so this change in taste is sometimes a healthy thing rather than bad.

There are tons of electronic dance music songs out there and you can look them up in sites such as EDM sauce, which is specifically made just for the electronic dance music community.