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The Illustrious Early Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has managed to make a name for himself within music
and a build a career most dream of. Along with his four good frinds, Felipe, Machado Andre,Pit and Yves, he started his band. This unique union served Audi and kickstarted the career we know today. He began to write songs and experiment with different musical styles while he was a drummer for the group.

With hard work and creativity, the group performed for larger crowds and began to bask in their popularity.

Audiences from Brazil loved Cassio and his bandmates, which in turn, inspired the group to do international tours in places like Europe and America.

As the touring and popularity continued, Cassio continued writing songs and playing with musical styles. His consistency paid off, as he penned their hit rock album, “Sunset’s Of Sunset” in 1987. This hit catapulted the group into more success and notoriety.

In 1989, their next album, “Theater of Fate”, made its debut. Mixed with rock and hints of classical composition, this album yet again showed Audi not only as a unique composer but a lyricist way ahead of his time. The group again enjoyed and basked in their success as well as the positive acclaim they continued to receive.

Audi eventually left the band and has since gone into other ventures finding success. Audi has made a stamp on the music industry that many dream of, but few accomplish. His early music career is a source of inspiration and hope for upcoming lyricists, composers, and singers alike!

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Desiree Perez Is Making Waves With Tidal

In the shadows lay mysterious powers and endless possibilities that can make dreams a golden reality. Many are blessed to witness the outcome and very few are to be the reason. By now you have heard of Tidal music streaming service and are watching it’s battle to the top, but who’s behind the scenes feeding this beast? As we know there is no magical spell which can create such a momentum that Tidal has created. It takes hard work and tough cookies to push this build forward.

According to the news article Who Is Des Perez? posted February 26, 2016, on Hits Daily Double website, Jay-Z long-term trusted affiliate Desiree Perez is a force to be reckoned with. Sources say Desiree Perez has a long history in business counseling and strong negotiating. With her skills and expertise Tidal (The online music streaming service) benefits significantly with her on board. Desiree resume represents everything it takes to make it in any business including over 20 years experience guiding SC Enterprises along with her husband Juan Perez the head in charge of Roc Nation Sports. Though Tidal is in competition with several Juggernaut streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music the future of Tidal is still promising showcasing 3 million subscribers with the help of Beyonce Lemonade album and exclusive music access available to Tidal Subscribers only.

Needless to say, Jay-Z is a business man that today’s culture can relate to. From investments, sold out music and concerts he influence the mass of fans and entrepreneurs across the globe. One must ask. How can one man run such a huge success machine? We know running a success machine is not easy. It takes more then just one man. It takes a team of talented individuals with the heart and mindset of a boss. That’s right people like Desiree Perez and many others behind the curtains pulling the strings to get things done are the leaders in Tidal ongoing growth. With everything said we all understand that Desiree is a conqueror with motives of a giant. What more can the industry ask for? I can only say. Watch out for the current or drown.

The Impressive Skills Of Michael Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes

The late Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most beloved entertainers. Jackson was renowned for his musical skills as well as his skills on the dancing floor. His work led him to have millions of fans who much admired his amazing moves as well as his ability to compose and sing wonderful songs with catchy tunes. Since his death, many people have continued to listen to his songs and continued to admire his old videos where his skills can be seen clearly. His fans continue to adore his work even after his passing. Many have found that they can also listen to work of Michael Jackson impersonators who keep his work alive in the public mind.

Someone who has done much to help keep Jackson’s memory alive is impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is one of Michael Jackson’s biggest fans. He knows exactly how people all over the world admire Jackson. He also loves and adores Jackson as well. His work as an impersonator has focused on helping keep alive the memory of Jackson and his unique ability to please an audience. Cortes loved Jackson’s amazing music and his incredible dance moves. This led him to a career helping people also appreciate just how special Jackson was when he was alive.

A native of Spain, Jackson has spent the last few years of his life helping to perfect his own ability to perfectly imitate Jackson’s songs and his dance moves. His skills have led him to a career of his own as one of the world’s most admired Michael Jackson impersonators. He has worked hard to figure out exactly how Jackson was able to move so well and worked even harder to do the exact same movements that were a hallmark of the late Mr. Jackson’s much loved unique dance style.

Cortes has performed in front of very happy audiences across the globe who love to watch his accurate impersonation of Jackson. His shows are like watching Jackson in person as man fans have discovered. The chance to be able to see Jackson come alive again is one that people truly appreciate. Many come to his shows in order to be able to remember happily exactly how Jackson sung and danced. Cortes prides himself on his ability to give his audiences an extremely enjoyable show, one that helps them keeps their wonderful memories of his life and work truly alive.

Impersonators – Choosing The Right One For My Party

Do you want to have an impersonator for your party or event? Impersonators are great to have at a party because they can help bring live entertainment to a party or event. They can also allow guests to experience being with a famous public figure or entertainer without the high fees involved with paying for a meet and greet or a watching a live concert or show.

Impersonators – Choosing The Right One For My Party

– Consistency In Performance

First of all, they should be very consistent with their performance. Some impersonators may look like a certain celebrity, but if they do not have the voice down or the performance moves down, it could be quite inconsistent and appear even more fake than before. Consistency is so important for them to follow. Look closely for their reviews to see what other people are saying about their live performances.

– Professional Approach

They should also approach the situation as very professional. If they come in acting like the celebrity even when it comes down to handling payment or arriving late, clearly they are not professional. They should be realistically easy to work with and provide you with a heartwarming experience.

Sergio Cortes

The perfect example of an amazing impersonator is Sergio Cortes. He is known for being the real life Michael Jackson. His performance skills, amazing singing voice, charisma with his dancing, and his overall intricate detailed features that look exactly like the singer are what makes him so unique. He looks almost intensely the same way as Michael does, and the coolest part is the fact that he takes his job very seriously. He performs live shows, has posted a few YouTube videos, and has become a worldwide sensation. He has goals of taking his performances to the world stage and travel the entire world as Michael Jackson’s main impersonator.

To get the right impersonator, look for somebody almost like Sergio Cortes. Somebody who knows how to perform and really genuinely looks like the celebrity they are retrying to be. The key to finding the right person is also to look through a registered and professional online company. Some of the world’s best impersonators are merely people who just have a strong understanding about the world of performance. Sergio is the perfect example of somebody who just naturally embodies the world of music and his famous counterpart, bringing him literally to life.

Geto Boys Reunite

It rare for some groups to ever come back together once they break up. New Edition is a one-in-a-million type of deal. They reunited and have been performing together for years. Rap groups, however, are much different. That is why fans were incredibly surprised to see the Geto Boys speak of a reunion.

Scarface was one of the group members that is well-known for people in the rap world. He was recently on the Breakfast Club. He talked about how wild Bushwick Bill was. It was different for a group like this to come out of Texas at that time. They were the earlier pioneers of rap in Houston. The Geto Boys were before UGK and the entire chopped and screwed music that is prevalent in Texas now. Fans that grew up with the Geto Boys are wondering how this new music will sound. So much has changed since they have been on the scene. It’s a whole new world with a lot of different acts.

Rap is certainly a young man’s game, but the hype surrounding this project could really help it if you as an old fan like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This could become the thing that brings some hype back to the sound in terms of rap around the world. Pimp C from UGK died so Underground Kingz no longer exists. Paul Wall was representing for Texas, but he hasn’t released music in years. The Geto Boyz may be the saviors of the south.

Led Zeppelin to Reissue Final Three Albums

On July 31st, Led Zeppelin will be releasing the reissue of their last three albums. These three albums include 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through the Out Door, and the compilation album Coda, which was released in 1982; two years after Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham’s untimely death.

Led Zeppelin, which includes surviving members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones, started making music in 1968 and include such amazing hits as “Whole Lotta Love,” “Immigrant Song,” and “Stairway to Heaven.” In December of 1980 they officially decided to disband instead of replacing their beloved drummer. Adam Sender was a bit sad about that.

Each album will contain new tracks, including never heard before songs, rare finds, and new mixes of old favorites. In addition to the collected outtakes found in the original Coda, the reissue will also include two discs of companion audio, spanning from 1968 to 1974. Some tracks include an early version of “When the Levee Breaks” and the rarely heard “Sugar Mama” — a track which was only previously found on the bootleg market is now finally getting it’s first official release.

All of the current and upcoming reissues are available through either for order or pre-order. As with all their reissues, Led Zeppelin has made each album available in several different formats, from vinyl to cd to digital, and beyond.

John Legend: Musician and Chef?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard John Legend’s monster hit, “All of Me,” at least ten times. The ballad became a huge force in the music world and opened Legend up to a whole new legion of fans, such as Marc Sparks.

According to his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, John Legend knows how to make a killer breakfast sandwich. She recently sent out a picture of a scrumptious looking egg concoction that was loaded with a ton of delectable goodness: Eggs and three slices of American cheese. That’s right: Three slices!

I think it’s great for people to see another side of Legend, and this is the perfect way for him to show his versatility as an individual.