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The Chainsmokers- DJ Duo on the Rise

If you have not heard of The Chainsmokers by now, it’s time to leave the rock you have been under. Though, it is a bit more understandable considering they’ve really only been on the top charts in the past two years, with breakout hits like Roses and Paris. But you can’t tell me you haven’t had “Closer”, their song with Halsey stuck in your head before.  So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover….  

Starting off 2018 with a bang, the duo dropped their new single  Sick Boy  on January 17. This track is vastly darker and more complicated than their previous hits, though that’s not to say their audience did not love it.

“Make no mistake, I live in a prison That I build myself, it is my religion”

While most pop hits these days talk about fame as a treasure they happened upon, or the burden they are faced to bare, The Chainsmokers acknowledges their fame (and the downsides to it) was carefully crafted and is solely their responsibility. Along with the song, the artists dropped the  Sick Boy  music video.

The Chainsmokers is a DJ duo created by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Their first breakthrough was with the song  #Selfie  (you know…  Let me take a selfie… ) in 2014 which was easily a top twenty track in multiple countries.  Don’t Let Me Down  was their first top 5 single from the album Bouquet (2015), which also won the pair a Grammy Award. Their most recent album is Memories…Do Not Open (which features  Sick Boy ). The duo has only just begun their music career in top 40, and has already blown everyone away. Their songs feature a great mix of pop, dance, and edm. It’s refreshing to see something so serious as Sick Boy  but still be able to dance to and enjoy it. If you are looking for a music group to watch this year, I would highly recommend The Chainsmokers, as this duo has so far to go still.

Cassio Audi’s life at the Vipers band

cassioaudiThe Vipers band is recognized as the pioneer rock band in Brazil. It’s debut album, Soldiers of Sunrise still retains a sentimental value among rock fans of the mid-80s and early 90s. The record has been reproduced over four times since its first production. One thing that sets it apart is the unique music arrangement, raw vocal, and the skillfully played drums. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

A gifted songwriter

One Cassio Audi wrote most of the songs recorded in the first and the second album. Though he is currently known for his corporate success and leadership, he is a gifted songwriter and drummer. In his teenage years, he exploited this gift by creating the Viper band. It comprised of other four young Brazilian rock stars.


A drum set genius

The Vipers Band’s original composition included the two Passarell brothers, Yves and Pit, Andre Matos and Felipe Machado. Andres was the group’s lead singer, and Yves became the lead guitarist. The bass and rhythm guitars were handled by Machado and Pit respectively. Cassio Audi took the mantle at the drums and songwriting. Listening to the band’s first album leaves no doubt that Cassio is a genius drummer.

Gone to soon

After producing the first album, Cassio Audi left the group to finish college. Most fans looked forward to his soon return. However, this was never to be. He had another gift to exploit, management and leadership. Today he is among the respected financial leaders in the world.

Bringing back the flame

Despite his long absence from the industry, Cassio Audi still has a loyal fan base. The relationship they developed as a band is still active. They hope he will once in a while take up the drumsticks to bring back the flame of the old days. He remains the missing piece in the Vipers music. Read this article at

A Force to be Reckoned With: Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez

Roc Nation is a music brand founded by music legend Jay-Z. As his venture with Live Nation is coming to a rapid end, he is looking for other major players to purchase stakes in Roc Nation. The original deal with Live Nation started in 2008 to the tune of $150 million, and the contract is up as of next year. Although Jay-Z and Live Nation have enjoyed a profitable contract for the better part of a decade, Live Nation won’t be extending the contract as they no longer deal in recorded music, however Live Nation may look to extend it’s touring deal with Jay-Z for many years. The site has related articles about Jay-Z.

Recently, Jay-Z was spotted with his top Roc Nation executive Desiree Perez scouting for possible companies to buy a stake in Roc Nation. They were seen with the CEO of Universal Music Group recently, starting whispers that they could be looking at UMG to buy a stake in Roc Nation. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is on the table.

To read more about Dez, click on this.

Desiree Perez has been a close friend and associate to Jay-Z and has been for over 20 years. She is billed as a tough negotiator and is excellent with numbers. Hop over to for more articles.  She had a part in negotiating the Beyonce Formation stadium, as well as Rihanna’s Samsung deal. Desiree has also produced the On The Run Tour with Beyonce and Jay-Z in 2014. She is a force to be reckoned with and has shown time and time again that she is more than capable of handling whatever comes her way with grace and finesse. Check for additional article.

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Zayn Malik Is Coming Out With A Solo Album

Naughty Boy is a producer that used to have a working relationship with One Direction, but it seems to have gone sour ever since Zayn Malik left the group. Zayn Malik’s New Album. Once Zayn left One Direction, Naughty Boy decided to tweet a video that puts songs from himself and Zayn together. Naught made it seem as if they were working together exclusively. Many fans were upset, and some were even tweeting that Naughty Boy and needed to be suspended. Since One Direction has some loyal followers, it definitely made many of them upset to see that Naughty Boy was coming between the group.

It looks as if Zayn Malik is not going to be out of the spotlight because he is working on a solo album. It’s been rumored for months now that Zayn really left One Direction so he could create his own album, and it looks as if this is proving to be true. Naughty boy is working with Zayn, and Zayn claims that he will be making a soulful record that many will want to hear says Amen Clinic.

Naughty claims he had nothing to do with Zayn leaving One Direction, but that may be left up to people’s interpretation. Many have blamed Zayn’s girlfriend for him leaving the group, but now it seems as if Zayn really just wanted to be a solo artist. Zayn is working tirelessly to put out an album that he can be proud of.

Fetty Wap Is The Artist To Look Out For In 2015

When it comes to making music, there are many artists out there who have a sort of shine that makes everyone take notice of them. Fetty Wap is a new artist, but he has risen in fame over the last year. The Artist Fetty Wap. He’s done many performances that have made people notice who he is, and his new song has been taking over the airwaves. Fetty Wap is the creator of the song “Trap Queen,” and it’s been dubbed as the song is of the summer.

Summer just started, but if a song is already taking over an entire season, then it means that the song must really be good. Fetty Wap is a rapper who is missing one eye, and that is how many people recognize who he is. Although his appearance may be a bit off-putting, don’t let his looks fool you. Fetty knows what he’s doing, and he has become extremely popular recently. There are several reasons why Fetty will be the artist to watch in the year 2015.

According to Handy, He did an amazing performance at the MTV Movie Awards, he was featured on the cover of a magazine, he has an amazing hit song out right now, and he has many celebrity fans. Ed Sheeran of all people, he is now a fan of Fetty Wap, not to mention Drake, who is also an amazing rapper. It will be interesting to see how far this new artist goes in the upcoming year.

Madonna’s Star Stuffed Music Video

Madonna has had an interesting time these past few weeks, starting with her Coachella performance that lead to what is looking like some beef with Drake to now releasing a music video packed tightly with music royalty. If they are on the charts you are probably in this video. Madonna’s video of course is only available on Tibal, so if you don’t have a subscription you’re out of luck. From what we can see you might wanna use a friend’s account because this video is epic. Apparently the video is set in a high priced hotel and features music’s elites going crazy at a party.

To name a few, among the cameos are Beyonce,Rita Ora,Katy Perry,Kanye West,Miley Cyrus. With all the stars in the video many are looking at Taylor Swift for a reaction. Not only is Taylor not in the video but just about every one of her enemies is included. For now sources insist that Taylor is more than excited to see the video and looks forward to watching her idol show em how it’s done. Jim Dondero is just one fan waiting as well.

Of course Taylor isn’t the only one missing, Drake alway was left out. Drake was left out of the lineup and of course everyone knows why. Madonna is still salty about Drake’s less than impressed response to her surprise on stage kiss at Coachella. After the video of Drake all but throwing up in his mouth the two have been at odds, Madonna called Drake a “girl” in one of her interviews when asked about the kiss, and Drake altered the lyrics of his song titled “Madonna” so say “Rihanna” instead. Talk about a bad kiss.

Neil Young’s New Album and Tour Featuring Willie Nelson’s Sons

Following The Monsanto Years LP release, Young and the Nelson’s will begin the Rebel Content Tour to promote the album and Bulletproof Coffee (FastCompany).

Neil Young, along with Willie Nelson’s sons, first played some of the upcoming tracks for the album on April 16 at the SLO Brewing Company in San Luis Obispo, California.  Young is a long-time opponent of the Monsanto Corporation, and there is speculation that the album protests the chemical company’s genetically modified seeds.

According to Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel, the Rebel Content Tour kicks off July 5 with Young and Promise of the Real headlining Summerfest at the Marcus Amphitheater. Other tour dates include Young’s first ever Vermont show on July 19 at the Essex Junction Fairgrounds. Vermont recently passed legislation restricting GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, and the tour stop is a highly anticipated event.

Frances Cobain Opens Up About Kurt

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of Nirvana, a band that was growing larger in popularity at the time. Many know the story of Kurt and his struggle with addiction. He ultimately killed himself nearly exactly 21 years ago. He died on April 5th, 1994.  In an interview on The Alt Press, Francis opens up for the first time about her father and what it is like to be his daughter.

 She does not appreciate grunge music very much, however she did mention that “Territorial Pissings” and “Dumb” are two songs by the band that she likes very much. Francis talked about what it is like never knowing her father but hearing him everywhere she goes. Listening to his voice is inescapable, something she realized at a young age. She also talks about former members of the band (Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Novoselic telling stories about her late father. The trio have even said that she reminds them so much of Kurt sometimes that it gives them the willies, or rather something they call the “k.C Jeebies”.The full interview is really interesting and worth a read. Check it out on the above link.

Chris Brown Denied Access To Canada

Singer and pop star Chris Brown had to cancel a show tonight in Toronto due to being turned away at the border. The 25 year old was supposed to preform on Wednesday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, but was told that he was not allowed to get a visa to go into the country.

Chris Brown has a rather colorful arrest record, as a few years ago he was taken in for ambushing his ex-girlfriend, Rhianna, and also more recently for violating his probation said AnastasiaDate. Even though it wasn’t specified the reasons why he was told he couldn’t go into Canada, it is safe to assume that it has something to do with his criminal record.

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According to an article found on reddit and written by CBC.Ca, Brown was also turned away from the United Kingdom who openly told him it was due to his record in the United States. As for this time, Canadian officials told the singer that he could come back in the summer to reapply for a temporary visitor’s visa. Brown then sent a tweet out to his fans apologizing for not being let into the country, but also that he will be back during the summer so that he can give Toronto the concert that he missed out on.

John Legend: Musician and Chef?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve probably heard John Legend’s monster hit, “All of Me,” at least ten times. The ballad became a huge force in the music world and opened Legend up to a whole new legion of fans, such as Marc Sparks.

According to his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, John Legend knows how to make a killer breakfast sandwich. She recently sent out a picture of a scrumptious looking egg concoction that was loaded with a ton of delectable goodness: Eggs and three slices of American cheese. That’s right: Three slices!

I think it’s great for people to see another side of Legend, and this is the perfect way for him to show his versatility as an individual.