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Dr. Mark McKenna, Physician, Entrepreneur & Community Advocate

Over the past few decades we see some significant changes in many areas of our economy, through consumer demand as well as regulatory bodies that govern industries. The ever changing markets of economy allow for those with the entrepreneurial spirit to attempt endeavors to follow through with their dreams.

One of the best examples of this scenario playing out with success is Dr. Mark McKenna, both a medical doctor as well as a real estate investor. Dr. McKenna is from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School. Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician and once he completed his own medical training he then began to practice medicine alongside his father.

Dr. McKenna is a very avid reader, always keeping his mind open to other information and avenues and this led Dr. McKenna to also launch a boutique real estate investment firm. A new passion was ignited for Mark McKenna in the world of real estate development. He would go on to acquire and launch Uptown Title Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. Although his initial portfolio was small, he would grow it to over 50 staff members and offered services in financing, real-estate closing services as well as turnkey design-build projects.

When hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans in August of 2005, it would cause many people to lose their homes and businesses. Many people lost everything they had, Dr. Mark McKenna was one of them. Most of his real estate projects were either destroyed or unworkable and he began to start again.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always been a dedicated community advocate and helping to rebuild New Orleans with building affordable housing for those with a low to a moderate income in the area was the natural path given the means he still had. With a varied range of factors in play, the real estate market was changing and he saw people without income were getting homes at full financing.

Dr. Mark McKenna then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he then launched a successful chain of health facilities, offering both non-surgical aesthetic options to patients in addition to highly comprehensive nutrition and weight loss/management programs for patients. Dr. McKenna has always held patient satisfaction at the highest priority throughout his career.

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Imran Haque Is A Doctor Who Has Made A Name For Himself

Imran Haque is a medical doctor who has the knowledge that he needs to help patients dealing with a variety of illnesses and issues. He is based in North Carolina, and he works through Horizon Internal Medicine. He is a caring doctor who focuses on internal medicine and all that goes along with that. This man is someone who has been working as a doctor for quite some time, and the time that he has spent in his field has helped him to gain the experience and knowledge that has led him to be the man that he is today.

When he was asked how he goes about bringing ideas that he comes up with to life, Imran Haque shared that it takes hard work. He believes that there is research that must take place when someone is trying to bring an idea to life, and he believes that a person has to be set up well financially before they can make their dreams come true. He is someone who has put in the work required to help bring his ideas to life.

When Imran Haque was asked about a trend that has him excited, he shared that he has enjoyed seeing the way that technology is being used in medicine. He likes the way that the field of medicine is changing up through all of the help that technology offers. He believes that technology has helped medical professionals to have more time to focus on their patients and that it has helped them to offer their patients better care.

Imran Haque is someone who is respectful of others, and that has helped him to be the man that he is today. There are some people who go through life without paying attention to those around them, but he is not one of those people. He has shared that he works hard to show respect to those who are a part of his life every day. He believes that all people are worthy of respect.

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