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Making Memories For A Lifetime In London

Vacationing in London, considered the heart of the United Kingdom, can be a wonderfully memorable experience. Staying in a motel or hotel can be stressful, however, especially if you plan an extended stay. Most rented rooms tend to be cramped and limited when it comes to creature comforts, resulting in tired and cranky vacationers.

Renting an apartment with the help of the experts at London Escape is the best way to be sure of having the comforts of home and still be within a few minutes of all that London has to offer. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be transported to your rental property, where you will be welcomed by the owner and made familiar with the place you will call home during your vacation.

Nobody wants to worry about everyday essentials while vacationing, so London Escape apartments are equipped with everything from a toaster and cooking utensils to clean towels, linens and toiletries. There is also ample storage space, microwave and WiFi. If there are additional needs, they are just a request away from being met. There will be no disruptive knocks on the door from housekeeping but if you desire, a cleaning service is available for a small fee.

Bringing your own vehicle is no problem since there are a number of car parks close by, no matter where you’re staying in London. We understand that pets are often an important part of the family, so they are welcomed in most London Escape apartments.

Our team is very familiar with the London area and are available eighteen hours every day to assist you in finding the perfect vacation spot for your needs. We provide photos of the properties available and offer a separate page for each property, making it easy for clients to make informed decisions.

Using WorldEscape For The Best London Vacation

Planning a trip to London, but are you still confused with all the offers out there? Then we are here to help you.

London is a very lovely place to visit. There you will find Big Ben, Buckingham Place and the famous Harrods. There is about 16 million tourist flocking to London each year. There are lots of London vacation rentals out there. Although it maybe pricey, from hotel to airfare, you have to do your homework to get the best deals and still have money in your pocket.

First, you must decide how much you are planning on spending, and stick to your budget. Remember, the price for airline tickets fluctuate with the seasons. As with any other country, the highest prices are in the summer months. Although a little bit cooler, the spring is still a good deal. You can still get a lot out of your vacation. Hotels range in different prices, it just depends on what you are looking for, and how much you are willing to spend. You can get lodging from $14-$25 per night, then up to $300.

It would be much easier for you, if you book your hotel and airfare at the same time, that way you can take advantage of any discount being offered. Depending on where you choose to stay, you maybe responsible for your meals, so budget that expense in your plan.

Other additional expenses include museums, the zoo, and for those who enjoy the night life, these can run you up a little more. Then if you are a family you have to budget accordingly. Transportation has to be considered. This may include a car rental, taxi or the tubes – all expenses you have to factor in.

If this seems too overwhelming for you, you have WorldEscape. This company can find accommodation for your stay in London for a very reasonable rate. For every villa, apartment, Airb&b, houseboat or an entire house they list on their site, you will have pictures and even videos. You can rest assured that all of those places had already been visited by the company. This way your stay can be pleasant and memorable as possible. So if you are staying for a long or short time, you will get the same friendly service. They are open eighteen hours daily, so there is always someone there to help you. They handle everything that you need, hoping that when you visit London again, they will be there to help you.