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Finding Wellness and Wholeness with Joseph Bismark

When you ascend to the highest points in your chosen career path you will probably incur a little bit of stress along the way. Those people chasing the corporate life of adventure and high living no doubt are familiar with the way that this stress and anxiety can wear them down whether they are in the office or in their beds at night. One man, the founding Director over at QI Group, has found a way to balance the stress and the way to properly live and his name is Joseph Bismark. In fact Bismark’s way of life is so invigorating that he landed himself a featured spot in asPire Magazine, as reported by Reuters.

When it comes to belaying stress and finding a bit of peace of mind the trick is knowing how to shrug it off of your shoulders. For Joseph Bismark this means a heavy emphasis on finding wholeness within the art and practice of Yoga and meditation. Bismark lives for Yoga and has trained at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. After many years of training he has landed the title of Yoga Master and now shares his knowledge with students who come to him in person and in book format. Most recently Bismark has been deeply inhabiting, “Anatomy of Yoga: Instructor’s Inside Guide to Improving Your Poses” by Dr. Abigail Ellsworth.

When Joseph isn’t deep in meditation you can instead find him somewhere out in nature. Among his favorite means of exercise are cycling, swimming, and practicing “rip:60” with kettle bells. Cycling is one of the most effective full body work outs available and with just a bit of nice weather you can get in an effective workout. Joseph uses an app called “MapMyRide” in order to emphasize efficiency while on his bike. As far as kettle bells are concerned he uses these handled weights in a variety of different ways to work on his flexibility and endurance. All of these work outs at their core improve upon his endurance and stamina, thus allowing him to go those long hours at the office.

For those of us chasing the grind and working 40 to 50 hours a week it can be hard to work up the nerve to add in even more outside of the office. However, Bismark believes that it is important to do so. Bismark said, “activities keep us fit, they also help us conquer self-doubts and fears, to achieve the best version of ourselves.”