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Law Education In Brazil With Ricardo Tosto

Every state has something they shine best in compared to other nations. For Brazil, they are the leading nation in terms of the law schools. The country has 1240 law schools; this is more than the law schools in the rest of the world. They also have 8000 certified candidates. What is surprising is that this is less than a third of number of trained lawyers in the state. There is another 3 million that is not certified.

To ensure that the law education remains excellent; the bar association is very careful to see that all the degrees produced in the state are of quality. To be allowed to practice law, every student must take a bar examination. The bar examination has multiple questions as well as structured questions, depending on the decision of the bar association. They also audit the law schools to see that they are offering quality studies.

It is not easy to emerge as a successful lawyer in Brazil with all these regulations. Ricardo Tosto is among the people who successfully hacked all the storms and emerged to be one of the prestigious lawyers in Brazil. He owns the most prominent law firm in Brazil. It is recognized for being able to take and win cases that other firms could not take. The firm has a total of 500 employees. Ricardo Tosto is committed to training the associates. This means any attorney you come across in the firm is an expert of the law. Most of the interns and associates look up to him as their role model.

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Bruno Fagali Lawyer You Can Trust In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Having studied from the best of Universities in Brazil and worked at some of the top league law firms, Bruno Fagali is one of the highly rated and successful attorneys in Brazil. With over a decade of experience in compliance, corporate, and civic law, Bruno Fagali is consulted by some of the major corporations in the country.

Bruno Fagali has ensured that the legal counsel he provides to his clients are comprehensive and accordance with the updated law, to ensure that the clients get the justice they deserve. One of the law firms where Bruno Fagali had the chance of working for several years after graduating from the University of Sao Paulo is Radi, Calil and Law Associates.

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As a lawyer, Bruno Fagali stays in the know about the latest events in the field of law. Recently, Bruno Fagali wrote an article about the new rule by the Brazilian court that said that the beer manufacturers has to ensure that the label on the beer bottle contains the list of all the malts that are used to make the beer. The court said that the consumers have the right to know the ingredients of the beer they are having. Many of the labels till now just mentioned that they are made of malted or unmalted cereals, but whether it is soy, rice, oats, or anything else is not mentioned.

Bruno Fagali said that this is a much-awaited decision by the court and would help the people select the beer as per their preference. The right to information is essential in today’s age, and the court’s decision is at par with it. Bruno Fagali is also the corporate marketing manager at one of the premier marketing firms in Sao Paulo, named Nova/SB. He has represented many leading corporations and public figures in the past few years successfully.


Chamber Honors President Of Banco Bmg (Ricardo Annes Guimarães)

BMG is a family-controlled bank in Brazil. It is controlled by the family of Pentagna Guimarães and has been in existence is about since about 84 years ago. The businessman and president of BMG, Ricardo Annes Guimarães, a native of Belo Horizonte, was presented by the City Hall the diploma of Honor to Merit, on April 18, demanded by Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno (PSB).

Léo Burguês de Castro (PSDB), the house president, opened the ceremony before transferring the meeting’s chairmanship to his colleague. After the opening of the event by the House President, Daniel Nepomuceno took the lead in the meeting, saying it was “a great admiration” to honor Ricardo Guimarães, for being “among the entrepreneurs who invest most in sports in Brazil”, and also for “support and help” in his career.

Léo Bourgeois recalled that in 2004 Guimarães was awarded the Great Collar of Legislative Merit and declared his satisfaction in “opening the doors of this House” again as a sign of respect for businessman, this time in an individualized way. The parliamentarian also highlighted the work developed in favor of the sport and recalled his passage in the presidency of Club Atlético Mineiro between 2001 and 2006, when he “cleaned the finances of the team” and was responsible for the construction of the Training Center of the “Rooster”, considered as probably the most excellently operational in the country.

State deputy Fred Costa highlighted the “vast curriculum” of the honoree, “patron of the national sport” also, aside from football, Guimarães also invests in Olympic gymnastics, tennis, and volleyball. According to Costa, for the businessman “sponsoring is to contribute to the social development of the country.” The deputy also highlighted the investments of Guimarães in the Baleia Hospital and the São Vicente de Paula Foundation.

Representing Governor Anastasia, Deputy Governor Alberto Pinto Coelho stated that “this well-deserved tribute crowns the saga of an important family, dedicated to the constant improvement of the sport.” Then the House President read the terms of the diploma and handed it to the honoree along with Daniel Nepomuceno, who, stricken by Fred Costa, still gave Ricardo Guimarães a plaque.


Ricardo Guimarães thanked the “gentleness” of Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno and said that in Belo Horizonte are his family and professional roots. He said he was honored to keep the tradition started by his grandfather and said BMG is the bank that invests most in sports and athletes.

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Ricardo Tosto- Top Business Litigator in Brazil

Lawyers in Brazil are the only people allowed by law to represent clients in laws suits. Lawyers in the country are approved by the Brazilian Bar Association. This is the body that has the mandate of ensuring that only the best of the best are allowed to stand in courts of law. Brazil has a very high number of lawyers in the country. It is estimated that the country has more than one million law professionals. These are people who have undergone a five years law degree course. However, even though this number is huge, there is a small number of lawyers who have been approved by Bar Council to practice law in the country.

After one has completed the five years degree program, the regulations of this body demand that they should go to a law school for further studies. It is only after successfully sitting for the bar examination, that one can be inducted into the bar. Only with the approval of the Brazilian Bar association can one be allowed to represent clients. After graduating from law school many lawyers usually head for internships in various law firms in the country. Most of the law firms in Brazil are found in the major cities of Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

About Ricardo Tostob @

Ricardo Tosto is a leading business lawyer in the country. He is the brains behind the mass litigation concept in the Brazil. This is a concept that has been adopted by many law firms in the country.

Ricardo Tosto became a lawyer in Brazil at the age of 26. He attained his law degree from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He has established himself as an authority in business ligation. Most of his clients are business organizations in the country. He is also hired by NGOs and governmental organizations for representation.

Ricardo Tosto is part of the founders of the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and the Brazilian Law Systems

The law profession is very popular in Brazil. With the huge population in Brazil, it is obvious that there many people who will need the services of lawyers. The other reason is that the Brazilian legal system is complex and it’s very hard for people with no experience to navigate through the system. Few people can handle litigation cases without the help of a lawyer in Brazil.

All Brazilian law is based on the constitution. It is the supreme law in the country. Any other law created in the country must align with the constitution. Brazil passed their constitution in 1988. Having been effected less than twenty years ago, the constitution attracts a lot of interest from various law professional who seeks different interpretations of some sections.

A lawyer in Brazil takes five years to go through an undergraduate program in law, then move to a law school and then finally become attend internship. For one to be a fully certified lawyer, it’s mandatory to pass the Brazilian Bar exam.

According to the law statistics of 2011, there were over 676,000 practicing lawyers in the country. Given, we in 2017, definitely there very many who have been added to this list. We could be talking of over a million lawyers currently. There are still many others who have been through the undergraduate program but have not yet been approved due to non-compliance with the registration regulations.

Certified lawyers are allowed to practice any type of law as long as they are certified by the Bar Council. Some of the laws practiced are contract law, tax law and class actions.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He is one of the founding partners Leite, Tosto, & Barros law firm. He is known as a master of business litigation who rarely loses cases. He always puts the interests of his clients first. Ricardo Tosto mastery of business law has attracted many clients into the law firm.

Ricardo Tosto is the one who introduced the concept of mass litigation in the country. Many other lawyers have adopted the technique from Ricardo Tosto and are implementing it too.

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Ricardo Tosto at the Height of Brazilian law

Brazil has always been a hot spot for lawyers and law. It even ranked number three in countries with the highest number of lawyers. However, that can be attributed to the fact that it is home to myriads of law schools present and also because of the complicated legal system which makes it hard for the ordinary citizens to deal with legal matters on their own. In respect to that, there are many law firms in the country which vary in size and some of them are so large they have almost five hundred lawyers such as the Oliveira firm. They are grouped into three categories; these are partners, interns, and associates. Most elements of the Brazilian legal system originated from the Portuguese, and that is another factor which explains why many young people flock this sector. It takes about seven years to get a degree and become a registered lawyer. Thanks to the large population of lawyers in Brazil it takes a lot of patience and skills to thrive in this densely occupied career. However, there are a few attorneys who have proven to the world that they can stand out even in the face of such competition. Among these, Ricardo Tosto’s name always tops the list. He has made significant contributions in the legal system of Brazil, and he is among the best of his kind.

About Ricardo Tosto
Ricardo is both an entrepreneur and a lawyer who has been in the industry for more than two decades. He is a well-educated man who holds several certificates which have had a lot of impact on his success. For instance, he is a graduate of the famous Universidade Presbyterian Mackenzie where he received his law degree and also holds a BA from Armando Alvares Foundation where he further continued and finished studying law. Ricardo specializes in corporate and business litigation and has worked with several prominent organizations. He did not just wake up and become successful overnight instead he started off in a small law office where he managed to grow and sharpen his legal skills. Today Ricardo Tosto leads one of the biggest law empires in Brazil known as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados where he helps solve legal business issues and trains, other young lawyers. Tosto is also a frequent figure in Brazilian politics and even played a significant role in the formation of the Brazilian Election law and the Institute for political party.

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