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The Future of Cryptocurrencies According to Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is undoubtedly one of the greatest men in the history of cryptocurrencies. McCaleb has been in the industry for quite some time and he is one of the people with the greatest knowledge on the field. In fact, Jed McCaleb is the mind behind the development of the first cryptocurrency medium known as the MR. Gox bitcoin exchange. He is also the co-creator of Stellar, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange across the globe. Presently, Jed McCaleb is the Chief Technology Officer at Stellar Corporation and he foresees the creation and incorporation of the cryptocurrency network in an effort to make it one of the common modes of cross-border payments across the world.


Jed McCaleb has shared his views on the cryptocurrency and the general technology underlying the adoption and the usage of the Blockchain technology in the present world. With his extensive knowledge and skills on the cryptocurrency technology, Jed beliefs that in the coming years, cryptocurrencies is likely to take the world by storm. The great technologists hope that in the near future, there will be the development of one universal payment method that will be technologically generated. According to McCaleb, the Stellar corporation is working to create one of the common payment methods that will work out efficiently and quickly. Several other cryptocurrencies are already working towards the realization of this dream. It is for this reason that IBM has adopted the use of Stellar technology to initiate international payments with some of the largest financial institutions across the globe.


Jed McCaleb is the great mind behind the development of Stellar Foundation. Having been in the cryptocurrency industry for many years, Jed teamed up with Joy Kim to establish the Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. The main aim why McCaleb took this move was to create one of the flawless financial structure that could be adopted all over the world. Jed has consistently worked towards the improvement of Stellar Foundation and as a result, he has revolutionized activities of the cryptocurrency industry. The applicability and the use of Stellar Foundation services have nevertheless put Jed McCaleb on the forefront in the cryptocurrency industry.


It is important for people to get out of their way to help those who are disadvantaged. However, not many have dedicated their time to ensure that they serve the less fortunate in the society. A lot of people in many parts of the world are facing a hard time because of lack of access to capital and funds to carry out various activities so as to excel in life

In the world, changes have begun taking place because there are people who have come out to help others. One of such people is Andrew Rolfe who is always happy and excited to see others excel.

Andrew Rolfe wants to see people being able to build wealth so that they can improve their lives and help others in improving their way of life. To show that he is happy about helping others to succeed, Andrew Rolfe has joined the Ubuntu Fund, a group that is dedicated to ensuring that they bring a positive change in the world.

They are working to bring real things in the world. Already, the group has worked in different parts of the world where people have experienced a positive difference in their lives. Therefore, Andrew Rolfe has shown that he has the love for people.

Charity Work

The philanthropist who has been successful in his career has dedicated his time and life to help in charity work. Many people know him throughout the world because of his good heart of helping others to achieve success. Many individuals are happy for what he has done to them.

They have been able to change their life because of the great help they got from the great philanthropist. Those willing to build wealth so as to help others can join the Ubuntu fund. It is an organization which is focussed on achieving long-term goals so that they can add value to the common man. They are always looking for ways in which they can have a positive impact on the lives of people.

It is true that many people struggle while doing their financial plan. However, with people who are willing to help, this cannot be a great challenge. It is because investors will find an easy time while investing because of working with people who have already qualified.