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WEN: Hair Oils For Vibrancy And Shine

WEN hair by Chaz Dean is well known throughout the beauty and cosmetics company for it’s QVC infomercials and it’s ability to transform hair from a frizzy mess into a sleek and shiny coif without adding any extra styling steps. Anyone with hard to style hair knows that it can take a behind the sink cabinet full of products and an elaborate blow dry to secure those shiny strands all sealed in with healthy conditioned shine.
WEN contains botanical extracts and magical healthy conditioners that seal in shine and vibrancy and cut down on styling time. People using WEN on their hair have an advantage in the health of their hair as well as on the clock. WEN streamlines the hair washing process into one simple step. Instead of washing with shampoo, conditioning with conditioner and using a styling product to build a hairstyle before a blowout, Wen hair users can get it all with one product.

Emily McClure reports from Bustle how the ultra moisturizing sephora sweet almond mint fared on her fine and delicate strands. As the pictures prove, Emily’s hair was more vibrant and high shine than ever before. WEN is known to leave natural hair oils intact, so this could be the reason why she felt her hair was weighed down when washing the evening before. The oils produced by the scalp had more time to coat the strands during a typical eight hour slumbering period. One easy fix for her to maintain volume throughout the day was to wash her hair the morning before work so she had instant volume, shine, and vibrancy detectable not only to her but to her friends and co workers. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

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Protect Your Business Reputation With Better Reputation

When it comes to running a business, no matter what kind it is, your reputation is everything. Once your reputation has been ruined, it can be very difficult to rebuild it. These days social media makes it easy for anyone to say anything they want to say about a company.

Whether or not the statements are true doesn’t matter. Once it hits social media there is a good chance it can go viral. And once that happens the reputation of your company can be completely tarnished within a matter of minutes. Its quite scary when you think about it.

So now the question is what can you do to ensure your business reputation doesn’t take a big hit? The short answer is to hire an online reputation management service. An online reputation management service will do all the hard work to ensure your company name remains in good standing.

While a reputation management service will provide a bevy of different services, one of the most important is social media management. As you very well know, there are literally billions of people who use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every single day.

The very nature of these platforms often leads to PR nightmares that are very difficult to deal with. A reputation management company will not only clean up your social media accounts, but they will also monitor the affects of social media on your business.

Better Reputation Can Help

Better Reputation is an online reputation management company that can help you take control of your online reputation. They understand that your name and your brand are your most valuable assets and should be protected at all costs. They help you tell the story you want told.

If there are any negative articles, blog posts, new stories or reviews about your company, Better Reputation will help you get rid of them. This way when people search for your company they will see all the things that make you the best company to do business with.

If you are interested in learning how Better Reputation can help you rebuild your online reputation, visit and request a free quote.