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Pro-tips on online reputation management strategies.

All the famous, powerful individuals, the high and mighty such as politicians, tycoon’s prominent music stars all depend on their reputation remaining intact. That is because the internet has grown to become a very powerful tool which when used, can either shape up or completely tarnish the reputation of these people. In some way, it is safe to assume that their lives are partially dependent on the social media and internet in general. However, by learning simple strategies over time, one can learn to become successful in managing his/her reputation online. Some of these tips include:

Always be bold with your statements.

To remain relevant in the face of scandals, the first thing is never to chicken out with your statements. Always be confident and mean what you say. Most prominent people usually get caught in scandals through their words, which are then used to manipulate them. Should you get caught in the midst of such a situation, one should always learn to come clean. It will not only keep your reputation clean; it may also be a means to get media attention. Talk of a double win.

Be on the watch out for identity and brand theft.

It is important to be on the watch out of your brand name 24 hours every day. A good brand integrity and goodwill can be tarnished when one falls on a reputation crisis. It is therefore of utmost importance to be aware of everything that is being said about you or your brand on the internet. How you plan to do it is your relevance, however, an easy way is to set up Google alerts that notify you on the mention of your name.

Promptly identify the source of your attack and plan a defense or exit strategy.


Learn to cut the damage before it becomes a full-blown scandal. It is important always to watch out on this, settle with the person be it through a lawsuit or any other favorable means. In addition to that, you should have marketing team ready to cover your tracks and measure progress.More on the story can be found here.