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Renown Health – New Facility Opens in South Reno

The medical director of Renown Health, Dr. McCormack, is excited to announce the opening of a new family practice clinic located in The Summit Mall in South Reno. The new clinic is set to open this spring, and they are looking forward to the positive changes and enhancement of growth. In a recent telephone interview, Dr. McCormack explained that the office was designed to provide an inviting and comfortable setting for the new patient’s. She also mentioned that the space will have plenty of room for expansion and new services.

She is slightly apprehensive of all of the healthcare changes and wants to see how the clinic does before adding new services. However, the space will be flexible to add more room if they need it. The 10,000 square foot clinic will have 11 staff members. They hope to add another primary care physician to the clinic as well as a nurse practitioner.Renown Health is a leading urgent care facility located in Nevada. They have several different clinics located throughout the region, and are dedicated to providing exceptional care and quality services. They are the only locally governed facility that is not-for-profit which means that the earnings stay at the facility.

The money earned is then invested back into programs and services within the facilities. They care for all types of issues and problems including pediatrics and respiratory issues. Renown Health and their staff work to ensure that the best quality equipment and services are rendered. They also work with all insurance companies and are very thorough with their processes. Renown Health continues to grow throughout the Nevada region and will continue to provide exceptional services to community members. Their new office is set to open soon and will be welcoming new patient’s for their urgent and primary care needs.

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Benefits Of USHEALTH Group’s Family Insurance Plans

USHEALTH is a Fort Worth-based insurance holding company. The corporation is known for its tailored insurance plans that offer clients with unique coverage. The company offers its services through its subsidiaries, which are the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Its clients include families, small business owners, self-employed individuals, and employees of small businesses.

The company aims to establish itself as America’s trusted choice on heath and family insurance. USHEALTH family insurance offers its clients several benefits. With 50 years of delivering quality services, the company has been able to develop many tailored plans that cater to the diverse needs of its clients. These plans zero in on flexibility, affordability, and family’s security.

The mission of the company is to Help Other People Everyday (HOPE). The corporation’s staff and the contracted agents work tirelessly toward realizing its mission. The culture of helping other people is embedded in the organization’s structure. With over 15 million happy customers, the company is living up to its mission of providing cover to as many people as possible.

Family insurance comes with loads of benefits. With an insured family, one can focus on doing other things other than worrying about his or her children falling ill and the associated medical expenses. The peace of mind helps individuals to concentrate better at work and achieve higher productivity.

In addition, Family insurance helps an individual to save money. With the cover, an individual is able to access quality healthcare at much lower costs. This translates into savings in medical bills. The saved amount can be used to cater for other important things such as paying taxes, school fees, or utility bills. The money can also be used to enhance the family’s lifestyle.

In addition, USHEALTH Group offers loads of other products, which include Secure Advantage, Life Protector, Accident Protector, Essential Health Benefits, PPO Networks, MedGuard, Premier Vision, and Secure Dental. Clients are advised to discuss their insurance needs with the company’s agents before purchasing any cover. The corporation has licensed agents who are experienced in matching clients with the right insurance plans. With proper guidance, clients are able to buy covers that are in tune with their specific needs.