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Have you had your Life Line Screening yet?

From a persistent cough to a lingering pelvic pain, there is an overwhelming number of symptoms one may experience frequently through their life time, specifically as age takes it’s course. Life Line knows just how mentally and emotionally straining it can be and invites you to come in for your Life Line Screening. They offer a variety of area specific ultrasounds to help detect a wide range of minor complications and catch them before they require intense medical treatment. This kind of peace of mind is what many of us truly seek.

So, how does it work? Each screening in absolutely non invasive and 100% pain free, including their blood screening which require only a single prick on the finger. Preparation is made as simple as possible while still not compromising the effectiveness of each screening machine. It is time to take control over your health. Take a look at the specific screenings along with their steps for preparation available to track your health and see which may be right for you:

Carotid Artery Screening (For Stroke)
-Wear a shirt that is loose around the neck, no turtle neck.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
-Wear a comfortable loose two‐piece outfit.

-Fast for 4 hours.

-Make sure the meal you eat 4 hours before screening is light (less than 1/2 of what you normally eat of non‐gassy food).

-1/2 cup of coffee or tea and a moderate amount of water may be consumed if you become thirsty during the fasting period.

-Take medication as prescribed.

-If you are diabetic and can not fast for 4 hours, a “diabetic meal” consisting of 1 piece of toast, 1 cup of any kind of juice and 1/2 cup coffee or plain tea is acceptable. If you are in doubt, follow your diabetic care plan.

Atrial fibrillation (stroke):
-Wear a comfortable loose two‐piece outfit.

-Do not wear pantyhose.

-Do not wear a watch.

-Keep your cell phone turned off.

-Do not wear lotion or oil.

Ankle‐brachial Index (Peripheral Arterial Disease):
-Wear a comfortable, loose two‐piece outfit.

-Wear a short‐sleeved shirt or blouse.

-Do not wear pantyhose.

Hs‐CRP (elevated C‐reactive protein):
-There is nothing you need to do in advance for this Life line screening.

Complete lipid panel (total cholesterol, LDL and HDL) + Glucose (type 2 diabetes):
-Fast for 8 hours.

Bone mineral density (osteoporosis test):
-Do not wear pantyhose.

Elevated Liver Enzymes (ALT/AST):
-There is nothing you need to do in advance for this screening.

Six for Life:
-Fast for 8 hours.
-Wear a short‐sleeved shirt or a shirt with sleeves that are easy to roll up for the
blood pressure cuffs.

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Great Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle For Men

Certainly, health is important for all men. but men’s bodies need dietary and lifestyle changes as they age. That’s because as men age stress, poor diets and lack of exercise can lead to significant health concerns. The good news is that with just a few changes, men can live healthier and longer lives.

Stress, Diet and Sleep

Stress, poor sleep habits and a lack of exercise cause many problems for men as does a poor diet. Stress and a lack of proper sleep are known to cause affects to the heart muscles, can increase high blood pressure and adversely increases the strain on most of the body’s primary health functions. Men should have a goal of getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. In addition, stress and lack of sleep can affect proper thinking. Stress and lack of sleep can deplete the ability to properly process data. When people are stressed, the mind is overloaded with concerns over one or two constant stresses that bog down and interfere with the processing of other thoughts. In addition, stress lowers the body’s immune system responses. Because of all the bodily changes that stress can induce, it is important to look at ways to reduce stress on a daily basis to maintain proper health.

Exercise and Life Line Testing

When it comes to long term health, exercise is great for the body as long as it is not over done. Exercise does increase blood flow to numerous areas of the body, stimulates the thyroid, boosts dopamine from the brain, is great for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is good for the heart. That is why so many physicians recommend regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Regulating blood pressure and reducing cholesterol are key components to maintaining a lifetime of good health. Tests for blood pressure, cholesterol, heart function and thyroid function should be done more frequently as men age. Over the age of 60 they should be done annually. Some supplements that can be helpful for the thyroid function are magnesium, cyanocobalamin, extracts from green tea and selenium which is a great anti-oxidant.

In addition, men should monitor their vitamin D intake, In the winter months Vitamin D intake is reduced with less sunlight. Vitamin D helps augment strength, raises concentration of testosterone levels in the blood, and can enhance the overall well-being of men as it increases the antibodies in the immune system. Up to 800 mg supplements can be taken during the winter months.

When it comes to optimum health, Life Line Screening can be a great advocate for maintaining health. Life Line Screening is a prevention & wellness company that focuses on empowering people with all the things they need to know in order to maintain their health as they age. The company offers, cholesterol, diabetes, peripheral artery disease (PAD), Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) screenings which can be essential for long term health for men as they age. Taking care of your health with a healthy diet, proper sleep, exercise, reducing stress and life screening tests to inform and help modify lifestyle are some of the best ways to make sure you live a long and healthy life to learn more: click here.

USHEALTH Group Wins One Planet Awards’ Company of the Year

One Planet Awards announced in January this year that USHEALTH Group, Inc. had won Company of the Year in the Accounting, Banking, Financial, and Insurance category. The One Planet Awards is a program that honors business excellence in all industries worldwide.USHEALTH’s President and CEO Troy McQuagge said that it was an honor to win the One Planet Awards because it was a sign of esteem and recognition by the company’s peers. “This award is a testament to USHEALTH’s commitment to solving the healthcare affordability problem for our customers …” he added.Last June, the insurance company also won the Gold Stevie Award in the Company of the Year, Insurance category. It’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors LLC, won the Silver Stevie Award as the Most Innovative Company of the Year. SVP Bill Shelton accepted both Stevie Awards, saying that they served as proof that the business and its independently contracted agents were strong in providing new insurance options to their customers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a holding company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas whose primary business is health insurance. It has focused on delivering innovation in the health insurance markets for self-employed people and small businesses. USHEALTH has been leveraging the skills of its employees and agents to bring affordable health care insurance products to those who need them most.Since 2014, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has been led by Troy McQuagge. McQuagge joined the company when he was named President and CEO of its sales unit, USHEALTH Advisors, LLC. He has more than thirty years of experience in the insurance business.

He entered his career in insurance in 1983 working for Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he moved to UICI, which is known today as HealthMarkets, where he created two profitable insurance sales organizations. Since he joined the management team at USHEALTH, the company has seen sales grow 500% since 2010.When he joined USHEALTH, McQuagge remarked, “I am honored by the confidence Ben and the Board have placed in me, and I am humbled to be following in his footsteps as President of USHEALTH Group.”Troy McQuagge was awarded a B.A. in Legal Studies by the University of Central Florida.Also visit their Linkedin account:

Andy Wirth Provides An Influence Voice For Clean Power

In a recent op-ed piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal newspaper Andy Wirth, the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings came out in full support of the Reno City Council’s recent unanimous vote to support clean power. This important vote follows on Reno’s already successful track record of installing 730 streetlights, and 781 pedestrian signals using energy efficient LED lights. Additionally, the city has contracted with an energy provider to install and operate ten solar arrays totaling 1.027 MW providing the City with 18-20% of its power needs.

Wirth is a strong supporter of this move, calling the decision for clean power apolitical. The benefits of sustainable energy production include improved air, drought mitigation and an overall reduction in the carbon footprint left by the region. Additionally, Wirth points out that the economic impact of clean power has been important in bringing high-wage jobs to the area and called on the US Congress to follow suit.

Andy Wirth has always had a strong affinity for the outdoors. He has worked as a backcountry guide and forest firefighter before beginning his career in resort marketing at Steamboat Springs resort. During his tenure there, he was consistently promoted and achieved the title of chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing. After twenty years with Steamboat Wirth accepted a position with Squaw Valley Resorts as President and CEO. Under previous management by the Cushing family, Squaw Valley had fallen out of favor with many skiers and Wirth set out to invest some $80 million in facility and customer experience upgrades re-elevating the resort to one of the top ski destinations in the world.

Not content with just being one of the top 25 resort marketing executives in the world according to the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Wirth spends a lot of his time promoting the Reno-Lake Tahoe area by serving as the chairperson for the regional airport authority and raising money for combat-wounded Navy Seals. In 2014, he was named as the Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA. His disability was due to a skydiving accident where he almost lost his right arm.

Beneful Helps Pet Owners Avoid Dog Food Dilemmas

A large percentage of pet owners give very little thought to choosing dog food. Instead of selecting a high-quality brand, like Beneful, many owners walk the grocery aisle and simply select by price, but you wouldn’t believe the consequences your pet could endure just from choosing the wrong food. A dull coat, inadequate nutrition, low energy, and digestive problems are just some of the common issues owners encounter.

Dog food is not just a response to hunger, but its the foundation for your pet’s vitality. The choice of dog food should be based on age, body type, weight, breed, and taste, and then consider the nutritional value of the brand. For example, zinc deficiency is caused by a poor diet, and often results in hair loss, a dull dry coat, dermatitis and dandruff, and large breeds are particularly vulnerable to the problem. The remedy – feed your dog a good digestible food that is supplemented with zinc sulfate.

Another issue is too little calcium for puppies to help build a strong skeleton. Inadequate calcium can lead to poor bone growth, which ultimately affects a dogs movement, and quality of life. You can see it’s absolutely essential to choose a good dog food that provides a balanced diet, but how do you narrow the selection to the one that’s best for you? You choose an established brand like Beneful that offers a high-quality varied selection of products. This way, you’ll know you’re feeding your pet quality dog food and meeting the nutritional needs.

Beneful Remains A Top Pick

One of oldest and most trusted brand of dog food is Beneful, manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful dog food is broken down by a dog’s lilfestage. They offer several wet and dry adult and puppy selections, in several flavors. The brand also offers various snacks. As for popularity, Beneful has consistently remained in the top fourth spot among dog food brands since hitting the market in 2001. This can be attributed, in part, by their strict standards.

Selecting Dry or Wet

Deciding on dry or wet dog food comes down to the needs of your dog, and there is really no right or wrong selection. Now dogs usually prefer wet food, but this is mainly due to taste. The high water content in wet dog food also has a positive effect on the fluid balance of dogs, not to mention obese dogs tend to maintain their weight better with wet food. Dry dog food also has some advantages. It tends to be cheaper when compared to wet dog food because it has a longer shelf life. Dry dog food is also healthier for your dog’s teeth and gums, as it helps to loosen plaque. As you can see, there is no real scientific reasoning in selecting dry or wet dog food. It’s just a matter of taste and convenience.

An optimal diet is one of the most important prerequisites for a dog to live a long time, while remaining healthy, so choosing a quality brand like Beneful will ensure your dog’s gets the optimal nutrition.