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David Zalik, Name Of A Legend

David Zalik is the inspiration and the dedication that served as the fire and fuel for Green Sky Credit LLC. It is an organization where people are basically able to receive loans and distribute credit to the public. The customers that come to his company are either high net worth individuals or the corporations who need money and need the necessities required to implement a credit line to their own customers. This all started inside of a car that David Zalik bought when he first can up with the idea due to his early sell out with his computer tech company that faltered due to the dot com bubble. Fortunately David Zalik was able to sell it for a few million dollars before every thing collapsed. It is funny how the company even got started because David Zalik was at about the age of thirteen that he started to build the company in the first place and it was not until he was twenty two that he sold it for a tidy lump sum. He had trouble putting the computer pieces together at first and claimed that it took him ten hours at first but then was able to do it in a matter of thirty minutes with nine hours to spare doing more important things. He was able to build it for nine years before selling it. The reason that motivated David Zalik was the girls that were older than him that he wanted to get to know more. At thirteen he was already in college where the expectancy for the people who could study there were not usually that young, but David Zalik fought to get there by reading and learning from mathematical text books since he was the age of four years old to the age of thirteen. Interestingly enough he passed the SATs at thirteen years old and started going to college where his father worked which was at Auburn College. He and his family moved into the states from Israel even before all the above occurred, and before his conception and childbirth in Israel where his parents met, his mom was on the run from communistic powers and his father was born and raised in Argentina. This comprises the origins of David Zalik who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit LLC.

Freedom Checks- The Hidden Gem

When geologist Matt Badiali got a phone call from a famous financial expert, he had no idea it would change his life forever. As a teacher at the University of North Carolina, he was in a unique position to be helpful to this unnamed financial expert. Since he was investing in companies that develop natural resources (mining, energy, etc), the financial expert needed a geologist that he could trust to verify the claims of others. He would be paid well for this work, but what paid even more was the financial advice and tutelage that Mr. Badiali received. Visit the website to learn more.

To put it simply, he discovered a way to make a lot of money from a relatively small investment, by taking advantage of a little-known type of investment. In 1987, congress passed statute 26-F, which was intended to stimulate domestic production of natural resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc. The purpose of this statute was to reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy sources. Under this statute, a company that meets the requirements can operate completely tax-free. The requirements are that they must generate at least 90% of their revenue from domestic energy production, and that they must give generous benefits to their investors in the form of “Freedom Checks“. If they meet these requirements, the company is designated as a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). At present, there are 568 MLP’s.

So, for a mining or energy company, this is a pretty good deal. They end up paying a lot to their investors, because by doing so they can avoid paying the government even more.



Apparently, a lot of people have cashed in on these Freedom Checks. Even major investors like Goldman-Sachs have made sure to get in on these lucrative investments. As with any other investment, you get more if you invest more. Goldman Sachs reportedly makes about 8.9 million in Freedom Checks. Robert Mercer makes about 7.1 million. Fayez Sarofim makes about 2 million. According to Matt Badiali, the man who first publicized this method, the tricky part lies in knowing which energy companies to invest in. He says to look for those that are known to give large and consistent payouts, that are known to have at least a billion dollars worth of raw assets, and that have a long and proven history as a healthy company with rich investors.

One cannot help that such a thing is too good to be true, but so far there is no reason to think that this method is anything but legitimate. Learn more about Freedom Checks at