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Significant Achievements Of David McDonald

David McDonald serves as the president of the OSI group. Through his leadership role in this company and have been able to transform this company into a more recognized position where it is currently leading. OSI Industries is reputed in providing the best quality of meat and food products. David has provided a working environment that is conducive to its staff members so that they can be able to provide quality services.

David attended Lowa State University and studied a course leading to a degree in animal science. He stared his work at OSI Groups after graduating and served in various positions. Over the years he was able to earn prestigious management positions where he executed his role in the right manner. The leadership style of David McDonald is great as he has made it possible for the OSI to have a remarkable achievement in the industry of meat and food production.

OSI Group has taken over the market, and it is providing a stiff competition as it expands its services in various countries. Moreover, David McDonald has made it possible for the OSI to acquire other companies such as Baho Foods and Tyson Foods. Through these acquisition has enabled OSI to explore and establish its roots in foreign countries. David has ensured that there is a healthy relationship that exists between these firms so that it can be able to achieve its long-term set goals.

As the company is celebrating more than 100 years in its production, it is significant that OSI has achieved its goals. Besides, the number of staff members serving with David McDonald at OSI Industries has been increased so that the customers can be satisfied through the services that they receive. So that the quality of services delivery is not compromised, David has employed the employees that are well conversant with meat and better food production so that they can meet the standards needed by the company. For this reason, David McDonald has used his knowledge in integrating his skills in ensuring the success of this company and making it leading in the foods and meat productions.

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OSI Food Solutions Rapidly Expands To Improve Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions has been soundly expanding their operations in an effort to try and improve their production. They have purchased several different food plants to expand their capabilities. One of their major purchases included the Tyson food plant located within a main district of Chicago, supposedly valued over seven million dollars.

The purpose of the purchases is to expand their capabilities so that they can continue to sustain their internal business growth, these factories will certainly assist the rapid production of various different meat products.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was honored with a highly respected reward from the British Safety Council, receiving a Globe of Honor from them for their flawless management of risks within the environment. This was one of the more notable receptions in terms of the Globe of Honor in 2016, as OSI Food became one of the eighteen that were dispatched in the year.

The OSI Food company has several thousands of employees that work across the globe. Their duty is monitor the delicate production of food products before they reach the shelves at supermarkets. They have an incredible reputation for their work, and their employees have great work ethic and work extremely well at what their supposed to do in their industry.

OSI Food Solutions has recently established a factory branch in Spain, specifically designed to rapidly produce various types of processed chicken. The company estimated that the factory could potentially produce upwards of twenty thousand tons of chicken products per year, if the factory reached its optimal performance conditions.

The director of the OSI Food Solutions Spain factory talked about the decision to create the rapid production factory, and claimed that one of the reasons was to respond to public outcry for processed chicken meals in Spain.

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OSI Industries Acquires Baho Food, Grows Global Portfolio

OSI Industries recently made the major announcement that it has acquired Baho Food. Similar to OSI Industries, Baho Food specializes in the distribution of top shelf quality value-added foods, especially meats. The company manufactures poultry products, beef products, sausage, bacon and more. Baho Food is based in the Netherland region, where its meat and poultry brands are affirmative household names. However, the company has a much wider distribution sector than simply the Netherlands, which made it an attractive acquisition for OSI Industries. The company has an extremely strong (and consistently growing) footprint through much of Europe and is slowly moving toward the Asian market, where the demand for meat and poultry products is steadily rising as the years progress.

While the news of the Baho Food acquisition is major news for OSI Foods and shows just how fast the company is progressing, there have been several additional major acquisitions. One of OSI Foods’ main focus is to continue increasing its footprint in North America, specifically within the United States. OSI is headquartered in the United States. In fact, the company has been voted as one of the largest privately-held companies within the entire country. It has also been named to the prestigious list of top producers of meat and poultry in the United States. OSI has garnered this incredible honor time and time again and continues to move up the list.

However, the company’s presence is not simply limited to North America. OSI Foods does business across the globe and is one of the world leaders in the distribution and manufacturing of the highest quality meats and other foods throughout the entire world. OSI Foods does business and is a major supplier of meats in 17 countries across the world. Within those 17 countries there are 65 major distribution companies that are part of OSI Industries. OSI functions as a sort of umbrella that continues to grow by acquiring additional companies that align with the type of quality and customer service that OSI has prided itself on offering since the company was first founded. Those companies make up the OSI Group and the company has continued to grow. Now, not only is the company a global leader in meat and poultry production, but the company proudly employs over 20,000 people throughout the world. OSI also recently acquired a Tyson Food plant in Chicago that was set to be shut down as of this year, retaining hundreds of jobs.

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