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It is said that success is not for the faint hearted. Before you achieve it, you have to fall several times and this is the test that determines whether you finally succeed. For a successful entrepreneur like Marc Sparks, success only comes after several failures without losing enthusiasm. The failures you come across on your journey ground you to be a better entrepreneur but should not discourage you from pursuing your dream.

Marc Sparks is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital in addition to being a serial entrepreneur. The story of success is full of motivation and inspiration to other entrepreneurs since he knows it all when it comes to the challenges entrepreneurs go through before they are fully established. Marc, therefore, has the heart and desire to see other entrepreneurs become successful and see small businesses turn into successful companies.
Therefore, Marc has had his Timber Creek Capital LP office designed in a way such that they are able to accommodate three different companies and provide them with an extensive incubation period. They provide the companies with a conducive environment that are necessary for success by being surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs. Marc states that the environment and neighborhood really matter for any business and determines its success or failure. Learn more:
Marc who was a C student and only acquired a college diploma recounts what his journey to success has been like in his book “They Can’t Eat You”. He has seen success and failures in equal measures. With his 35 years experience in entrepreneurship, Mark mentors various companies and provides them with resources such as office space, capital, and marketing strategies, accounting, networking and customer service expertise among others. He is well versant with every stage of a business which is why his company takes up the role to nurture entrepreneurs and help them get their ideas transformed into successful business ventures. They support the entrepreneurs from stage one of the businesses to its fruition.
To be a successful entrepreneur, Marc points out that one has to offer unique products in order to standout competitors. He also advises on being focused, persistent, having faith in God and having a sense of urgency which he sites out as some of the qualities that have seen him succeed.
Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and mentoring other entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks is also a believer in giving back to the society. Marc has donated to Habitat for Humanity by constructing housing facilities, The Samaritan Inn in Texas that houses people who need somewhere to spend a night and also donating laptops to of the American Can! Academy.