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David Zalik, Name Of A Legend

David Zalik is the inspiration and the dedication that served as the fire and fuel for Green Sky Credit LLC. It is an organization where people are basically able to receive loans and distribute credit to the public. The customers that come to his company are either high net worth individuals or the corporations who need money and need the necessities required to implement a credit line to their own customers. This all started inside of a car that David Zalik bought when he first can up with the idea due to his early sell out with his computer tech company that faltered due to the dot com bubble. Fortunately David Zalik was able to sell it for a few million dollars before every thing collapsed. It is funny how the company even got started because David Zalik was at about the age of thirteen that he started to build the company in the first place and it was not until he was twenty two that he sold it for a tidy lump sum. He had trouble putting the computer pieces together at first and claimed that it took him ten hours at first but then was able to do it in a matter of thirty minutes with nine hours to spare doing more important things. He was able to build it for nine years before selling it. The reason that motivated David Zalik was the girls that were older than him that he wanted to get to know more. At thirteen he was already in college where the expectancy for the people who could study there were not usually that young, but David Zalik fought to get there by reading and learning from mathematical text books since he was the age of four years old to the age of thirteen. Interestingly enough he passed the SATs at thirteen years old and started going to college where his father worked which was at Auburn College. He and his family moved into the states from Israel even before all the above occurred, and before his conception and childbirth in Israel where his parents met, his mom was on the run from communistic powers and his father was born and raised in Argentina. This comprises the origins of David Zalik who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit LLC.

Jeffrey Schneider Explains the Significance of Having a Wellness Program

More fitness fads keep popping up each year. However, most of the fitness fads do not last for long. According to Jeffrey Schneider, for a trend to develop a lifestyle, it ought to be flexible, sustainable and above all, enjoyable. Research reveals continually varying workouts, highly social lifestyles and flexitarian diets lead to healthier and longer lives. Jeffrey believes that wellness is not a difficult battle but a celebration.

Currently, wellness programs are rampant in most workplaces. The programs started as corporate employee rewards for large corporations but are nowadays common among all businesses including small and medium-sized ones. The initiatives come as an organization’s benefits package.

Wellness programs offer strategies, tools, privacy, incentives and social support to employees when done correctly for adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. Most workplaces are currently offering their employees a platform to improve their health behaviors. Public and private worksites are the centers for prevention of chronic diseases in the U.S. Workplaces compliment hospitals’ work of treatment of diseases by preventing and arresting chronic diseases.

Businesses are more consistent and more efficient in offering wellness programs than anybody else. The employers provide the sessions because of the benefits that result from an active and healthy workforce. Therefore, most organizations implement wellness sessions because they enjoy the resulting benefits of wellness.

Numerous rigorous scientific studies on the impact of wellness activities in worksites reveal the benefits of running such programs in a company. There is more research on this area than on anything else that occurs within businesses such as the provision of pension plans and maternity leaves.

There are many reasons for having wellness programs in institutions. There is often a behavior change with wellness programs. The activities help reduce the risks of acquiring diseases and improve the physical fitness of employees. Also, they reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, improve employee retention, and sustain considerably high morale at the workplace.

Employees achieve muscle toning and strength with regular exercises. Participation in wellness programs helps improve one’s physical fitness as well as their overall well-being.

Unhealthy individual lifestyles could result in considerable levels of lost work time that is productive. Some recent research showed that employees who do not do regular exercises have more than 50% likelihood of presenting with presenteeism at work than regular exercisers. Also, people with excess body weight and high blood pressure have decreased productivity. Wellness programs aimed at enabling employees to have improved health behaviors would eventually increase the level of productivity.


Wellness programs help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. With healthy practices, there is assurance of lower health risks and reduced prevalence of chronic diseases. Also, there is a decrease in the employees’ healthcare costs. Well-organized wellness programs result in better behavioral changes.

Jeffrey Schneider is a native of Manhattan. He schooled at the University of Massachusetts. He engages in many philanthropic groups such as Gazelle Foundation and Wonders and Worries. Jeffrey shares some of his perspectives and practices that help him maintain a better balance between home and work.

The Blue Zones in a book read by Jeffrey Schneider, represented areas with constant moderate physical activity, the significance of being with family and plant-based diets. The book made Jeffrey learn that moderation is considerably more sustainable that indulgence or abstinence.

People should wake up early and exercise. Aerobic exercises help Jeffrey Schneider center his thoughts as well as assisting him to let off steam. Jeffrey takes morning runs along the Lake Trail in Austin or the Central Park Loop when in NY City. Jeffrey says that it is easy to maintain wellness if it becomes one’s habit.