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Not Hatching All Your Eggs In One Basket Is The Right Policy To Follow With Your Investments

The financial markets would always stay volatile and keep changing with time as new dynamics of investments are developed. It is what makes difficult for even the top analysts to judge what would work and what wouldn’t work in the long-term.

However, wealth creation in the long-term is possible by a strategic planning that consists of diversifying the investment portfolio. Warren Buffett says that it is also a good time that Americans start taking retirement planning seriously and begin with gradually increasing their savings. It is highly needed for a stable economy, and he feels that it is a concept that must take deep inroads in the American society.

Warren Buffett recently also wagered $1 Million saying that he fully trusts S&P 500 Index Funds can get better returns than the funds available out there. And, it seems that he would be winning the bet. There is no sure shot way of getting quick returns on any investments. The best way to know where to invest is by doing a careful research of the market.


Tim Armour, one of the most reputed and successful financial consultant and expert and the Chairman of Capital Group, believes that investments are the key to long-term wealth creation. However, Tim also feels that the investments should be made at the right place to get maximum returns. He has done his graduation from the Middlebury College, majoring in Economics. Tim Armour is with Capital Group for 34 years and started with the firm in an associate program. Today, Capital Group manages assets worth $1.4 Trillion.

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Equities First Holdings – Offering Effective Lending Solutions Around the World

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) offers various lending solutions to high net worth individuals and financial services firms and businesses that conduct business on a global scale. The company controls operations from its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. It oversees business operations in a number of countries including Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Perth, Bangkok, and Singapore. When people and businesses need alternative financing solutions, they turn to Equities First Holdings for solutions.

The company has completed 1000 transactions since its 2002 formation. These transactions total $1.4 billion. Fifty company employees are hard at work sourcing and funding deals across the globe on any given day. Alternative funding usually targets and serves borrowers in urgent need of capital, but who may not qualify for typical loans that are credit-based.This is in light of the fact that many banks today have raised credit qualifications and cut back on borrower lending options. The company’s equity-based lending places focus on stock-based loans. Borrowers can enjoy the proceeds of their loan without worrying about what happens if their stock portfolios waver.

The company prides itself in staffing qualified, seasoned veterans who understand the lending business like the back of their hand. Recently, the company and its Australian subsidiary opted to partner with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT). The company venture will provide funding for project development in India.Equities First Holdings is positioning itself in the niche market for lending that is based on publicly traded stocks. It takes a talented team of individuals to keep the business running smoothly. Expect the company to continue making a quiet impact around the world.

Keith Mann is a Man for all Seasons

Keith Mann is an authority in hedge fund investment and compensation and the executive search industry. As a search industry executive he focused on staffing and hiring strategy for global financial service companies. He was employed in the staff search industry for more than 15 years before he established Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) in 2009.Before DSP, Mr. Mann was the managing director of Dynamic Executive Search (DES) and then launched Alternative Investment Partners under the Dynamic Executive Search umbrella. DES focused on the hedge fund industry after identifying it as an undeserved area even though it was a market that was growing by leaps and bounds.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DSP, Mr. Mann was responsible for the day to day operations and management of the company. Mann develops investment solutions for the hedge fund industry, as well as strategy for hiring and sustaining professional staff positions for clients. The solutions are developed on an individual basis for firms in the United States, Asia and Europe. DSP currently fill more than 200 positions annually.The idea for DSP came about after years of experience in the alternative investment area. Mann worked in the New York area where a booming and aggressive market existed. After identifying the need for the type of services Mann was trained in, he decided there was a huge void in an industry to be filled. Mann declares his success in the industry is a combination of staying focused and exercising before work each day. The ideas he develops for investments often come from identifying a need and finding solutions to meet those needs. He often fine tunes ideas and solutions to fit the ever changing current trends in the industry.

Keith Mann is most proud of his work with the Uncommon Schools of New York. The goal of the school system is to prepare students from low-income families to not only attend college, but become a college graduate and use their education to succeed in making a better life for themselves.Mann and DSP have set up a scholarship program that supports one Uncommon School graduate each year to attend a four year college. As an advocate of education with a high level of philanthropy, Mann is committed to identifying strong leaders and matching them with appropriate candidates to help cultivate success.




Ricardo Guimares was born in 1951 in a town called Belo Horizonte. He began working in the family business as an office assistant in 1980 and eventually graduated in business administration from UNA, Brazil in 1988.The new degree saw him named the Chief financial officer of the bank.


Ricardo Guimares was announced as the vice president in 1996 and the president in 2001.He has also received other awards like Grand collar of the legislative merit in 2004 and an honorary degree from Town Hall in 2011.


Ricardo Guimares also started a hedge fund to help soccer players. He has invested more than $ 20 million to buy the economic rights of several athletes who were at work in eight clubs.


Ricardo Guimares comes from a wealthy family. His grandfather Flávio de Son Pentagma Guimarães was a great entrepreneur miner who invested in different areas such as agriculture, coffee plantation and a cannery. His father on the hand owned a mine in Minas.


Despite his wealthy origins, Guimares is known for his vocation for hard work and innovation. It is this work ethic that has seen him turn BMG around. It is today one of the biggest banks in Brazil and a leader in consigned credit. It has over 5 million customers served by around 3000 branches and 50000 employees.


Today the Bank is the largest sponsor of sports teams in Brazil. It has a catalogue of 100 teams wait for its money every year . By having the three orange letters printed on the shirts of players all over the country, BMG has gone ahead to receive visibility as a brand. It has the highest returns per dollar invested of all teams in Brazil. It has also ventured in Tennis where it sponsors Marcio Melo.He is a well-ranked tennis player ranked number 4 by the ATP.


Ricardo Guimares also is a football fan. His favourite club is Atletico Mineiro.He even served as the president for five years. His commitment to the management of the team saw him earn much respect, both from the team board as well as the fans. His name stands tall among the club’s legends.


Ricardo Guimares is a man of many 1sts.He has also been awarded many times by the local city Bero Horizonte.He even has an honorary degree from Town hall. To discover more about him just read this wiki.

Billionaire Investors Know When To Hold Them And When To Fold And Now Is The Time To Fold Them According To George Soros

The U.S. stock market got off to an unexpected and miserable record-breaking start in 2016. Some investors ran into the arms of gold and silver as well as other precious metals in order to protect themselves. The stock market recovered in February of 2016, but several of the billionaire investors are still selling assets. The reason is simple, according to one of those billionaires. George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England, is warning the world that the stock market isn’t the place to make money in 2016. He is selling stocks by the cargo container full. published an article about Soros and what he thinks about the current condition of the global economy. Mr. Soros believes there is a global recession in progress and the world is going to wake up and feel it at some point in 2016. His prediction that the world is going down, economically speaking, isn’t a surprise to countries like Brazil, Russia, South Africa and China. Those countries are on the front end of the global recession on, even though China will not use the world recession to explain their economic nightmare.

Mr. George Soros spoke at an economic forum in Sri Lanka recently, and reprinted Soros comments about the pending global recession. Soros told the forum that China, the European Union, and ISIS are catalysts for this next recession. Soros said the economic downturn will be bigger than the 2008 recession once it is in full bloom. Soros is convinced that the recession is in progress. In 2014, he dumped more than a million shares of JPMorgan, Citigroup and Bank of America, and he also liquidated his shares in consumer-driven companies like J.C. Penny, General Motors, and Microsoft.

Soros still manages his Soros Fund Management hedge fund even though he spends a great deal of time working on humanitarian projects. Mr. Soros thinks alerting the world that another monumental recession is in progress is a humanitarian project of sorts. Most investors don’t see what Soros sees and what investors like Warren Buffet and John Paulson see.

The uncertainty in the stock market is just one of the signs that a global recession is imminent. Emerging markets that were fueling global growth are now struggling to avoid the contractions that their economies are experiencing. The possible collapse of the European Union is another sign that bad times are front and center. The EU is loaded down with debt, and the migration crisis, as well as terrorist attacks are creating more internal fighting in the EU. The UK is voting to leave the EU this year, and if that happens the chances that the EU will survive as it is are slim to none.