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Equities First Holdings – Offering Effective Lending Solutions Around the World

Equities First Holdings, LLC (EFH) offers various lending solutions to high net worth individuals and financial services firms and businesses that conduct business on a global scale. The company controls operations from its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. It oversees business operations in a number of countries including Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Perth, Bangkok, and Singapore. When people and businesses need alternative financing solutions, they turn to Equities First Holdings for solutions.

The company has completed 1000 transactions since its 2002 formation. These transactions total $1.4 billion. Fifty company employees are hard at work sourcing and funding deals across the globe on any given day. Alternative funding usually targets and serves borrowers in urgent need of capital, but who may not qualify for typical loans that are credit-based.This is in light of the fact that many banks today have raised credit qualifications and cut back on borrower lending options. The company’s equity-based lending places focus on stock-based loans. Borrowers can enjoy the proceeds of their loan without worrying about what happens if their stock portfolios waver.

The company prides itself in staffing qualified, seasoned veterans who understand the lending business like the back of their hand. Recently, the company and its Australian subsidiary opted to partner with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT). The company venture will provide funding for project development in India.Equities First Holdings is positioning itself in the niche market for lending that is based on publicly traded stocks. It takes a talented team of individuals to keep the business running smoothly. Expect the company to continue making a quiet impact around the world.

Popular Dallas Bank Increases Senior Notes By Up To $155 Million

NexBank, a financial services company based in Dallas, announced it has increased its senior notes by up to $155 million. The maturity of the notes is stated as March 16, 2026 and they will be callable starting on march 15, 2021. The notes have a fixed interest rates of 5.50% for five years, and after that period the notes will have a floating rate.


The proceeds are going to be used to repay certain indebtedness, as well as for certain corporate purposes. John Holt, the CEO of NexBank, said the funds will help the company to grow and to increase their earnings. He added that NexBank has a great record of financial stability and strength.


Matt Siekielski, NexBank’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said this was a huge accomplishment by the company. He said the company has raised over $200 million of debt, as well as equity, all within the last year.


About NexBank

NexBank offers financial services via three core businesses. Those businesses include mortgage banking, commercial banking and institutional services. The company provides their clients with customized banking and financial services.


The company offers personal banking products such as savings accounts, checking accounts and mortgages. They also offer online banking to clients.Online banking allows NexBank customers the ability to manage their accounts right from their favorite devices. They can view their account balances, transfer money between their accounts and they can pay their bills online.


If you’re interested in banking with NexBank or learning more about their services, then visit their website today.