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Lori Senecal Is Named The Global CEO Of CP+B

CP&B, an MDC Partners subsidiary, has named Lori Senecal to serve as the president and CEO of the group. The post has been newly created to ensure that the company benefits from Lori’s transformational leadership. It is believed that in this position, the executive manager would be able to steer the company into global success and put it in a growth trajectory.

Despite her appointment to be the Global CEO of CP&B, Lori Senecal will also continue holding her previous posts at MDC Partners network. They include undertaking her roles as the president and CEO of the group, spokeswoman of KBS, and global executive chairperson of KBS.

The addition of more responsibilities to Lori’s plate means that she will now have to work harder to ensure that she achieves her mandates. The new role will see her formulate strategies that will enhance the growth and expansion of CP&B. She will be charged with the duty of coordinating operations in all the eight international offices, which are owned by the company. This information was originally mentioned on as explained on

Chuck Porter praised Senecal for her extensive management experience, which she would bring to the firm. The chairman of CP&B also noted that Lori shares the same passion and values that form the core of the company. This will make it easier for her to integrate into the company. Lori will also provide the leaders of the firm with a new leadership perspective. Other leaders who will be working with her are Steve Erich, Richard Pinder, and Andrew Keller. Keller, who is the company’s CEO, will now focus on the company’s business in the United States. Pinter will continue to serve as the CEO of international operations. The two will now be reporting to Senecal considering that she is the Global CEO.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is an executive leader and investment expert. She is MDC Partners’ president and CEO. Lori has gained management experience by working with leading firms. She was the chairperson and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, president of McCann Erickson NY, and Global chief innovation officer at McCann World group. Senecal holds a marketing and finance degree from McGill University.

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