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Projected future bright for The RealReal

This is as been proclaimed to be “The Year of the Pop-Up” by the web based consignment shop The RealReal. The site started in 2011 from founder Julie Wainwright’s kitchen table. Today they employ over 600 people nationwide and ship luxury items around the globe. Just as the name indicates, all the items sold are the real deal and verified as authentic items.

A February 8 article on highlighted the success the digital store-front had with a pop-up location in New York City. Spokesperson for the storefront says customers bought six times more in-person than online. The experience has brought the fearless leader Ms. Wainwright to exclaim 2018 is the year The RealReal opens pop-ups in other locations, as well, to test the market waters throughout the U.S.

The consignment based store front relies upon fashion trends and resale values of the trends of the previous season or year. Men tend to shop more jewelry and watches for themselves. Women are the primary buyers, with purchases in jewelry and apparel.

Wainwright literally started the business by clearing out the extras from the houses of people who didn’t necessarily want others to know they were reselling their previously hot styles. She claims to have the inside track on fashion trends by monitoring which age groups and certain demographics purchase which types of items. Prices of items are set upon demand. One designer may be priced high to begin with, but as the market becomes saturated, the price goes down.

The RealReal also boasts the company’s positive environmental impact. Every time a second hand luxury item sells, it is kept out of a landfill. This increases the use of an item or article of clothing. It also frees up the money of the person selling the item or items, too. This encourages a circular economy to benefit all involved in the process.

How Whitney Wolfe Changed the Dating Game Quality level:

The dating app game has many different layers. There are a ton of reasons for people to consider dating apps over traditional styled dating. The main reason is that because there are so many options available. There are people that are interested in signing up for several dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Match, BlackPeopleMeet and a plethora of other dating apps. The reality is that there are a ton of options for people to try, and Whitney Wolfe has given app users one more choice with the app that she created called Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that there is room for more dating apps with the Bumble app that she created. It appears that people that have been utilizing dating apps have been looking for something that is a little outside of the norm. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe has been able to present.

On the surface this app does resemble many of the other apps that are out there, but in the grand scheme of things Whitney Wolfe has created a totally different way for people to find dates. The reason that Bumble excels is because it actually allows a two-step process to happen before a match is made.

People can match in accordance to the pictures that are posted, but even after this is done the woman still has to make the first move. She has to initiate contact from the man. This is the first step of the process. The man has 24 hours to respond to this once the woman makes the move.

In the second step the man has a chance to respond, and at this point the woman has to initiate contact again in order to establish an open dialogue for communication.

Many apps uses have praised Whitney Wolfe for going outside of the norm and creating something that would be beneficial to more of the app users that were looking for a chance to date. She has gone beyond what many people consider the norm because she has created something that is different, but there is also something that makes the app look familiar as well. All of this plays a big part in the success that Wolfe has been able to achieve.

This is exciting for many men that have become tired of the same old game of trying to make the first move on the traditional style dating apps.

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Academy of Art University- An Innovative School

The School of Fashion, based at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco,
California is an innovative school. The school this year marked the twenty-first time that
their students were able to showcase their fashions in New York at the Fashion week.
Showing their fashions is a dream come true for these students. It is a time when they
are able to work hard and show their fashions to their peers and to the world. It may even
be that some new names will pop up in the fashion world due to this great Fashion week.
These students labor hard, and they come from many different parts of the world to
be able to show their creativity and their creations. This is where they get the chance
to walk down the “catwalk” for their fifteen minutes of fame.

The Academy of Arts University is located in San Francisco since its founding in 1929.
It has the same message today as it did in the year it was founded. It is a place that helps,
and inspires and pushes the student to learn. Here these fashion students realize their
passion for their fashion studies and it is here that they obtain real world experience.
The school helps them build profiles and resumes which they can use after graduation.

While it is a for profit school, they keep up with the times and they have created many
places that the students can use, for instance low cost housing. Even though the San Francisco
city sued them, they were able to be able to keep this housing, and create a museum of
old, antique cars which they placed in a museum.

The purpose of this is to be able to have the students put together a portfolio and also a resume which will help them after they graduate to get them into their fashion dream.

Fabletics: Transforming the Modern Fashion Industry

Fabletics is an American retailing company that is co-founded by Kate Hudson. They have been partnering with larger online retailing websites like Amazon to sell their products. Currently, 20% of the electronic commerce fashion market is being controlled by Amazon, and Fabletics is one of those smaller start-ups who are benefiting from this growth, and Kate Hudson is very happy in making a $250 million business grow. The company is using the subscription mechanic in order to sell clothes to any individual browsing online, and many have praised the simplicity of Fabletics’ system, causing it to become a hit among the public. Because of the shift in economics, people have also been looking for high value brand alternatives, which should also possess the same aesthetic and quality. Fabletics have managed to deliver what the public wanted – convenience, customer experience, brand recognition and excellent client service – and because of that, word of mouth about the product spread, persuading even thousands more to use Fabletics garments.


Behind the success that Fabletics is experiencing right now is a three point brilliant strategy conceived by the brilliant minds behind the company – and these are reverse showrooming, online data presentation and focusing on people, culture and accessibility. Combine these three and you will have yourself a successful retailing company. But what these techniques really are? Here are the explanations for the three:


  1. Reverse Showrooming


Reverse showrooming is the total opposite of showrooming, which have been killing some smaller retail businesses. What happens in showrooming is that people will be browsing through their computer and once they found the item that they wanted, they would be going somewhere else to buy the item at a cheaper price. What Fabletics did to this is that they reversed the model and started to build relationships with their clients through the use of the online or on store membership tool. This strategy have been pushing Fabletics to the top of the garment retail industry, and as they infiltrate the local market by meeting some of the people at scheduled events or other activities, more and more people are becoming members and the company’s product portfolio has been predicted to grow even more as the years go by. For comparison, the company has 30%-50% of customers who are walking inside their physical stores every day, while 25% are signing in to become the company’s employee.


  1. Keeping an Online Data


The stocks at each store’s physical locations are based on what the netizens wanted. What happens here is that Fabletics would track down what the customers’ are asking as well as their sizes, all happened with the use of technology. It will assure the company that customers who are hanging out at their website would have a high chance of purchasing your products.


  1. Focusing on People, Culture and Accessibility


Fabletics has been growing in the past three years, and one of the reasons is because they are aware of the sensitivities and offenses that are being prevalent in today’s American society. They consider it, and create a garment for all ages, and all sizes. Fabletics has also been looking for greater expansion, as they will be opening a large number of physical stores across America.


If you wanted to know which Fabletics gear is best for you, you might want to try taking up the Lifestyle Quiz to find out!

Susan McGalla gives Women Valuable Business Tips

While the business world is still dominated by men, some women have shown that they can overcome all the odds to become renowned business leaders. They have provided proof that women could be better business managers given that they can compete effectively with men even when they still face higher resistance when rising through leadership ranks than men do.


While the business landscape has changed over the years, all is not levelled for women to compete on fair grounds with men when it comes to leadership. While one may argue that governments and large private firms now acknowledge that women are capable of leading, more efforts are still needed to fully empower women. The girl child across the world must feel confident enough to pursue different leadership roles.


It is from this angle that Susan McGalla challenges women to take a personal responsibility to their struggle for prosperity. Through her rise as a business leader, Ms. McGalla has shown that leadership roles are made for the persistent and self-drive individuals. She beseeches any person interested in pursuing a business leadership role to be hardworking, versatile, and confident.


Being a highly respected business personality, Ms. McGalla attributes business success to personal preparedness and hard work. While dismissing notions that anybody can rise to become a big shot in business, she emphasizes the need for people to be ready to give extraordinary performances if they expect to become business leaders.


Ms. McGalla chose to open P3 Executive Consulting firm after realizing that many aspiring business leaders lacked mentors. Through the firm, she provides financial consultancy services to individuals and small-scale entrepreneurs that enable them to overcome business challenges. The firm also provides financial support to different community empowerment causes.


Before founding P3 Executive Consulting, Ms. McGalla worked for Joseph Horne Company, Wet Seal, and American Eagle Outfitters. Her strict adherence to professionalism saw her climb through the companies’ managerial ranks to become Joseph Horne’s President and Chief Merchandising Officer. While working at American Eagle Outfitters, her commitment to work ethics and hard work made her Wet Seal’s most preferred candidate for the CEO position.


To the women aspiring to become business leaders, Ms. McGalla not only provides them with consultancy services but also shows them that their dreams are attainable. She demonstrates how women could take advantage of their natural traits to prosper in business. For instance, by focusing on her natural networking abilities and an acquired marketing knowledge, Susan McGalla was able to rise through the ranks of corporate leadership.


Lime Crime Velvetines Collection

Lime Crime produces wild and very vibrant lipstick colors that are sure to get attention. They are available in a wide range of bold and beautiful colors with names that really capture the attention. For example, colors like Asphalt, Wicked, Fetish, and many more that capture the true nature of the Velvetines lipstick line. Doe Deere is the name of the founder of the makeup company and Deere is also the one that introduced the Velvetines to the online market. The Velvetines are a liquid to matte lipstick that has real strong staying power.


Lime Crime Velvetines Popularity

The makeup company founded by pastel haired beauty, Doe Deere, is taking over the social media sites. People around the world are able to go to the popular sites like Twitter or Facebook and discuss the latest Velvetines or exchange ideas on the best new colors in the lipstick line. Many upload pictures wearing their favorite lip colors. Some of the hot new colors that are perfect for Springtime wear or wearing during any season include colors like:


  • Teacup – This is a very intriguing periwinkle blue color
  • Zenon – A very sparkling metallic gold color
  • Alien – A very glowstick green color
  • Flamingo – A beautiful and very bright pink toned llipstickt


Lime Crime Success

The makeup company’s success is due to their ability to create very original colors that are not available here or on any other planet. These are bold and dazzling colors for the very creative person that lives life to the fullest. These are not colors for the shrinking violet. Those wearing the colors state that they do not smudge and that the colors last all day long. The lipstick last through consuming several meals and long, romantic kisses, state a few that are totally obsessed with the lipstick. This long lasting lipstick is high quality and made to help the wearer express their true personality in a bold way. It is also interesting to note that the Velvetine lipstick line are animal cruelty free and vegan.

Fabletics’ trendiest active wear

Active wear has been becoming a trend during the last few years. More and more people are reaching towards active wear not only for the purpose of working out but also as lounge clothing or something comfortable to wear while running errands. About four years ago Just Fab released a branch under the name of Fabletics – a portmanteau of the words ”fabulous” and ”athletics”.
Fabletics has been growing at a rapid rate ever since it launched. The launch campaign skyrocketed the new brand among one of the most widely preferred online outlets for active wear. The company was co-founded with Kate Hudson and has the current profit of a total of $250 million. What Fabletics offers is a monthly subscription service through which customers can receive all kinds of active wear varying from tracksuits to shorts and tank tops, from running shoes to sports bras and yoga mats. Every customer begins their subscription by filling out a survey. The questions in that survey are all geared towards collecting data on the customer’s preference as well as body measurements. There are questions about if one prefers shorts or long legged tracksuit pants, for example. After that in-house stylists coordinate over fifty outfits, the customer can choose from while referring to the data collected from the individual. Fabletics has a few physical stores across the United States, and the company will be opening more of those depending on where the demand is the highest.
Fabletics has been very successful in their marketing strategy. They are utilizing the so-called ‘‘reversed showroom technique”. The technique has many advantages both for the seller and for the buyer. It is essentially allowing the potential buyer to see and touch the product before purchasing. Many people are reluctant or hesitant to shop online exactly because of the inability to see the item they would like to purchase beforehand. By utilizing the ”reversed showroom technique”, Fabletics builds trust the company and the potential clients because the person can see proof that the promised the brand makes are legit. Fabletics aims to provide active wear that consistently maintains high quality and is also fashionable and more enjoyable to wear while keeping the prices reasonable, unlike much higher end brands. The ”reversed showroom technique” is also widely utilized by the online giant Amazon. In recent years, however, Fabletics has been rivaling with Amazon, and the wide public has been reaching towards Fabletics a lot more when it comes to purchasing active wear or sports gear. That is because the brand has been consistently proving that the claims for high quality at a reasonable price are correct. That has turn first-time buyers into long term returning and loyal clients. Fabletics has also been teaming up with famous influence’s online to make the launch campaign have as big of an impact as possible. The buzz about the new JustFab branch had been floating around the internet world for a few months before the online outlet started opening to the public, actually creating a hype that brought thousands of people to the Fabletics web site on the very first day of it launching online.
Such kinds of effective marketing techniques combined with legit claims for high quality and reasonable prices have been the reason for the company’s success. The hype around Fabletics will not be dying for quite a while and a good reason.

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