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A Crisis: Words From George Soros

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and though the USA fronts many of the traction and world wide attention in politics and economics, it’s Europe who stands to be most affected by the circumstances. War is occurring on the horizon, and none of it stands to undermine the United States.

This is a recap of the views expressed by none other than George Soros.

The stage where these battles constantly take place day to day is in the Middle East, and ramifications evolving tell a story of challenges the EU must face alone. That is if the EU unites and faces them at all. Time can only tell.

It’s a conundrum of political resources at play and how they affect the greater world. Specifically, the rally and increasing number of refugees poses a great threat to the way democracy will behave. Leading the pack in what is becoming a gloomy prophecy for the EU is George Soros. The self-made billionaire is skeptical of how the European Union will handle the crises at hand.

Mr. Soros built his billion dollar empire as a hedge fund manager beginning his own fund after the lowly position of server and railroad worker. He is now among the richest men in the modern world and a Forbes favorite. The self-made investor sees a dark future for the EU and suggests it currently faces multiple threats all at once.

That the public European opinion is shaky due to events like that on Paris fuels George Soros’ conviction of utter peril to befall upon the EU. He sees his own history as a common ground enabling him to sympathize and objectify Europe’s situation at hand. The investment mogul survived the Holocaust and in fact escaped Hungary during Nazi occupation of World War II.

Major threats seen by the billionaire also include the complications of an open society among Eastern Europe. This is an area where the acceptance of other nations and culture is stagnant–purposing little implications of openness as self interests is the driven motive of those countries involved.

They include Hungary and Poland: two countries that George Soros sees as calamity slowly brewing. That the euro crisis continues to loom, Soros feels Europe’s economy has now become one of, “. …debtors and creditors,” whereas, policy and expectations are being stablished by the creditors.

The mix of refugees flooding the continent only stands to exasperate conditions thereby exposing the EU and its economy to tremulous conditions. Even in this refugee crisis, George Soros believes the countries among the European Union are acting only in each’s best interest and therefore will inevitably clash in agenda.

The crisis, then, only escalates as we are encouraged to believe.