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The Innovator Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the founder of vAtomic. He is an entrepreneur as well as an innovator. He has managed to transform a lot of technology that is being used today. In addition, he has also helped several other budding entrepreneurs. This has been by helping them to raise funds that are required in order to bring their ideas to life. Eric Pulier has a lot of insights that he can share regarding the success of his ideas and pursue your passion in business.

He has always been passionate about technology. He is well aware that even the best ideas in the world would be useless in case they are not brought in front of a large market. Hence he is using his ideas for new technology in order to make these available to as many people as possible.

Eric Pulier is venture capitalist who is constantly searching for new ideas in which he can invest. He interviews forward thinkers to identify those ideas that have the potential of changing the world. He is skilled in reading people. Hence he can identify the entrepreneurs who are really passionate about their ideas and would be committed to putting in hard work in order to become successful.

He was able to make the initial profit as he had done a lot of work to figure out logistics of the launch of his product. He knew that making of payroll would be a struggle in his first company. This was because it required diligence with cash flow management. This was the operational side while Eric Pulier was focusing on mentoring of employees and on improving his products at that stage.

While starting out, Eric Pulier never had doubts if it would work or not. This is because he is an optimistic person. He always has faith in his ideas. But he has always had concerns about the business side of his ventures. He also knew that things will eventually work out in the end. Still, he always has plenty of discussions about surviving lean times. Due to these struggles, he has developed the tenacity to survive the ups and downs of the tech industry.

In 1994, Eric Pulier had founded the Digital Evolution. The marketing was different then. Word of mouth was used to grow his initial team and to find customers that he could serve in this tech field. He was with this company for four years before it was acquired. This experience gave him much needed perseverance as well as the positive outlook that he is using today. He also learned that it was important to have high customer service standards. Even today, this is a top priority for him.

The marketing strategy that works well for him to generate new business includes pay per click advertising. It is an effective way to target the desired audience as well as keep track of achievements.