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End Citizens United Battle Against Corporate Money in Politics

A corporate takeover of our political system is in full effect, and the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United broke the camel’s back. Big money, now has total power to anonymously and limitlessly fund political campaigns and politicians. This infinite influence and funding has corrupted scores of politicians. So, to help counteract this business takeover of our political election the organization End Citizens United was formed.

In 2008, the conservative group called, Citizens United, scrounged together a 90-minute political video attacking Hillary Clinton. At the time, the law stated that all political advertisements must provide where the ad-funding was received. The political attack video was in the grey area of the current law, due to the length of the film. To solve the dispute of the Citizens United Video, the Federal Elections Committee (FEC) held a hearing on the situation and ruled that the motion picture was a political ad. The conservative group responded by suing the FEC’s decision. Initially, the court sided with the Federal Election Committee, but in 2010, the Supreme Court, controversially, sided with the Citizens United Group.Immediately after the ruling, major push back was issued. From the ACLU to the Democratic Party, varied institutions agree with the majority of the American population that the Supreme Court had made a massive mistake. Out of all the anger and the resistance the Political Action Committee (PAC), End Citizens United, was formed.

End Citizens United was started March 1, 2015. This Washington D.C based organization has been leading the fight against money in politics in various interesting and effective ways. First and obvious,the goal of the institution is to over turn Citizens United. The most realistic and feasible way to achieve this goal is to amend the Constitution. The amendment would require 2/3 of the Senate’s and House’s vote. Then it would have to ratified by ¾ of the States. So, Ends Citizens United has aligned with Democratic candidates that have buttressed polices to get corporate money out of politics. Especially, politicians who have vowed not to take corporate PAC money in any way. Over 25 million dollars was raised by End Citizens United for the elections of 2016, and 35 million is expected to be raised in the 2018, mid-terms. Using small fundings and social media, this innovative institution hopes to make America’s elections a democracy again.

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