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Premium Brands Take the Pet Food Industry By Storm

What are some ways to take better care of a dog’s health? A recent Daily Herald provided some food for thought. Actually, the articles reveals more than food for “thought”. The article suggests some food for purchasing. Specifically, the article casts a light on the premium dog food world. Premium dog food is intended to provide much better and healthier selections for beloved pets.

Purinastore’s Beneful brand presents some very interesting wet foods. Some are based on American favorites and others are born of Italian cuisine. Beneful does offer a lot of unique wet meal selections that definitely do catch people’s eyes. Being eye-catching definitely aids a brand in the sales category.

Beneful does more than come up with catchy names and unique recipes for its dry and wet foods. Beneful makes foods with proteins, carbs, and fats intended to help support a balanced diet. The presence of green vegetables, grains, and more show Beneful wants the recipes to deliver helpful nutritional support.

Premium brand dogs foods have arrived to satiate dog and dog owner needs for better foods. Traditional dog food brands loaded with fillers do keep a pet from going hungry, but they are not all that great from a nutritional perspective. Premium brands want to support better nutrition. Gourmet meals help pet owners do what is required to meet a dog’s dietary requirements. Those requirements are not going to be met with cheap-grade dog foods.

To say pet owners are embracing premium dog foods would be a major understatement. Sales on premium brands are exceeding $10 billion per year, a staggering figure to be sure. The figures do show consumers are happy with the products they have been purchasing. Sales figures would not grow every year if consumers did not feel premium brands offered something special.

Major retail stores are definitely helping with the growth of those figures. Dog lovers are no longer left with the sole option of visiting a specialty store to buy premium dog food. Top retail chains stock them in ample aplenty on shelves. Easier access absolutely contributes to the expanded sales figures.